CFP - "Race, Sexuality, & Television"

Spectator: Call for Papers

Race, Sexuality, & Television


Volume and Date of Issue: 31.2 Fall 2011

Deadline for Submission: November 22, 2010


This issue of Spectator seeks papers that engage in current debates about race, sexuality, and television.  This issue will examine the complex relationships between race and sexuality in a global, multi-channel, conglomerate TV environment.  The issue seeks to incorporate papers that address industrial analysis, textual analysis, and cultural studies, including theoretical investigations of racialization, sexuality, and television. Submissions should interrogate how images of or issues concerning race, sexuality, and television are constructed, represented, and received in various contexts of contemporary culture, with particular attention to the ways in which race and sexuality are co-constituted.  Academic essays, interviews, and book reviews that explore how television programming, production, audiences, and discourse shape, constrain, and open up these identity formations are all welcome. 


Spectator is a biannual publication, and submissions that address television, race, and sexuality and related topics are now invited for submission. Potential topics in the fields of television studies, production studies, Critical Race Theory, queer theory, and gender studies may include, but are not limited to: 


Discourses of Race and Sexuality

  • Representations of the nation and/or sexual citizenship
  • Queer diasporas in global television representation and reception
  • Racism and homophobia in contemporary television discourse
  • Representations of queer characters of color
  • Discourses of racialized queer masculinities and femininities
  • Theories of gender as they relate to race, sexuality, and television


Television Industries, Technologies, and Audiences

  • Relationships between TV industry deregulation and consolidation and representations of race and sexuality
  • Channel proliferation and niche cable, including BET, HBO, Logo, Here, TV Asia, Telemundo, Univisin
  • Television consumption in relation to issues of education, literacy, and differential access to new technologies based on race, gender, and sexuality
  • The politics of audience research on racial and sexual minorities
  • Television genres in relation to images of race and sexuality
  • Relationships between new industrial practices and theories of race and sexuality 


Popular Culture and Celebrity

  • Celebrity and racial and sexual identity within contemporary television
  • The racialized politics of coming out on television
  • Celebrity athletes, personalities, and public officials
  • The expansion of celebrity gossip news
  • Representations of race and sexuality in sports

Manuscripts to be considered for publication should be sent to:

ATTN: Julia Himberg

University of Southern California

School of Cinematic Arts

Critical Studies

900 W 34th St.

SCA, Room 320

Los Angeles, CA 90089-2211



Phone: (240) 888-5081

One copy of manuscript should be submitted, as well as a digital copy. Submissions can also be e-mailed directly. Manuscripts should include the title of the contribution and the name (s) of authors, as well as the postal address, e-mail address, and phone numbers for authors who will work with the editor on any revisions. All pages should be numbered consecutively. Contributions should not be more than 5,000 words. They should also include a brief abstract for publicity. Authors should also include a brief biographical entry. Rejected manuscripts will not be returned. 

Articles submitted to Spectator should not be under consideration by any other journal.

Book Reviews may vary in length from 300 to 1,000 words. Please include title of book, retail price and ISBN at the beginning of the review. 

Forum or Additional Section contributions can include works on new archival or research facilities or methods as well as other relevant works related to the field. 

Electronic Submissions and Formatting. Authors should send copies of their work via e-mail as electronic attachments. Please keep backup files of all disks. Files should be Microsoft Word in PC or Mac format, depending on the editor's preference. Endnotes should conform to the Chicago Manual of Style.

Upon acceptance, a format guideline will be forwarded to all contributors as to image and text requirements. 

Current Board for Spectator

Founding Editor

      Marsha Kinder

Managing Editor

      William Whittington

Issue Editor

      Julia Himberg




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