CFP: Race and the Digital Humanities (MLA13 Special Session Proposal)

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CFP: Race and the Digital Humanities (MLA13 Special Session Proposal)

This MLA spe­cial ses­sion panel will focus on dis­cus­sions of race,
eth­nic­ity and access within the dig­i­tal human­i­ties.  Schol­ars such
as Alan Liu, Tara McPher­son and Lisa Naka­mura have argued that cul­tural
stud­ies approaches and method­olo­gies have been con­sis­tently
over­looked by much of DH scholarship.

*Race and the Dig­i­tal Human­i­ties* will explore how race and
eth­nic­ity are impor­tant struc­tural cat­e­gories of analy­sis in the
dig­i­tal human­i­ties. How do race and eth­nic­ity fac­tor into ques­tions
of access within the dig­i­tal human­i­ties? How are dig­i­tal human­i­ties
tools cal­i­brated to take into account the effects of race and
eth­nic­ity? How is race con­fig­ured in dif­fer­ent types of social media?
How can silences and ellipses in dis­cus­sions on race in the dig­i­tal
human­i­ties be mapped onto priv­i­lege in white­ness stud­ies? Finally,
how are newly emer­gent move­ments such as #trans­for­mDH (‘trans­form
dig­i­tal human­i­ties’) cre­at­ing change in this method­olog­i­cal
divide, and in which fields?

To be con­sid­ered for this spe­cial ses­sion panel, please sub­mit a
one-page abstract and CV to ade­linekoh [at] by 9 March 2012.

Adeline Koh, Ph.D.
Richard Stockton College


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