CFP Panel: Digital Transitions Comparative Literature Association of Ireland

CFP Panel: Digital Transitions  Comparative Literature Association of Ireland

Call for Papers
Panel: Digital Transitions

Comparative Literature Association of Ireland, First International
Conference, Transitions in Comparative Studies; 28-30 June 2012, University
College Cork, Ireland

In the wake of the explosive arrival of the internet and associated new
media in the general public consciousness and use during the past decade,
comparatists find themselves presented with a vast number of new
possibilities, but also with new challenges. Visual art is no longer
confined to forms such as painting and sculpture, but can now also be
produced digitally. Virtual worlds call for questions about our
understanding of space. Electronic literature weaves word and image
together in new, innovative ways. New forms of storytelling take place in
video games, on interactive websites and on social media. As an example, in
2010, the Royal Shakespeare Company, together with the production company
Mudlark, staged a modern adaptation of Romeo and Juliet on the
micro-blogging site Twitter.

Despite the surge of such experimentations and developments, the
comparative field has been slow to respond to them. Cultural and
communication studies have addressed the digital worlds, but literary
studies in particular have mostly refrained from engaging with them. This
panel situates the encounter of the digital by/with/in literary scholarship
in the wider context of intermediality, with its issues and challenges.

This panel welcomes papers on both theory and practice of digital
intermediality. It invites comparative analyses of intermedial works such
as interactive narratives, video/online games, electronic literature or
digital art, or the representation of the above in literature. Equally, it
encourages more theoretical approaches to the topic. Examples of potential
frameworks might include applications of narratology, relationship between
word and image, space theory, the role of comparative literature in digital
studies, and issues of availability and approachability of the digital

Please submit your abstract of 300 words and a short biography to Ms Nina
Shiel at by 16 March 2012. More information about
the conference is available at


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