CFP: Mobile Communication: Mobile Internet, Locative Media, Mobility and Place.



Mobile Communication: Mobile Internet, Locative Media, Mobility and Place.


Aarhus University - 29-30 March, 2012


Gentle reminder: the deadline for submitting a presentation abstract is January 15 2012.

On behalf of our keynote speakers and organizers, we are pleased to invite participation in an international research workshop on Mobile Communication: Mobile Internet, Locative Media, Mobility and Place.

We invite researchers who work with mobile communication as a cultural, spatial and social phenomenon to join us for this two-day round-table workshop hosted by the Media Studies Department at Aarhus University. We will emphasize the spatial aspects of mobile communication and mobile internet. The workshop aims to reflect and discuss general theoretical perspectives, empirical case studies and methodological implications of studying mobile internet and locative media in relation to mobility and place. We have invited an international panel of speakers in order to encourage and facilitate the development of an international research network on mobile communication.


Topics to be analyzed and discussed:

-      Theoretical, analytical and methodological aspects of mobile communication, mobile internet and locative media

-      Travelling, mobility and mobile technologies

-      Locative media and the production of place

-      Mobile internet, mobile media devises and new media practices


Guest speakers: 

Rich Ling (DK)  "Digital Gemeinschaft"

Naomi Baron (US)"Reading on the Run: What We Read on Mobile Devices and Why"

Leopoldina Fortunati (Italy)  "Mobilities and Mobile Phones"

Jonas Larsen (DK) "Mobile Communication, Place and Mobile Methods"


Additional contributors:

Iben Have, DK & Birgitte Stougaard, DK "Audiobooks and Mobile Listening: New Medium, New Users, New Literary Experiences?"

Anja Bechmann, DK  "Communication to-go: Studying Mobile and Seamless Communication Practices"

Jakob Linaa Jensen, DK "Online Social Networks; Augmentation of Social Space"

Martin Brynskov, DK "Mobile Media and Smart Cities"

Stine Lomborg, DK  "The internet in my pocket"

Charles Ess, DK  "Mobile Communication, Culture, Convergence"

Anne Marit Waade, DK  "Locative Mobile Media, Place and Performativity"



-      The roundtable workshop starts Thursday 29 March at 10.00am and ends Friday 30 March at 5.00pm

-      The workshop takes place at Aarhus University, IT-campus, ADA Building, meeting room 333, Helsingforsgade 15, 8200 Aarhus N

-      Workshop fee: participation in the workshop itself is free, but participants will be asked to cover meal expenses (400 DKr for lunch and coffee for two days, and – optional - 400 DKr. for dinner Thursday night). 

Accommodation and travel expenses are covered by each participant.


Submitting abstract for presentation:

There will be a limited number of participants in the workshop. Deadline for submitting an abstract for presentation is 15. January 2012. The abstract should be no longer than 250 words. All participants will receive a response by 1 February. Please send your abstract to Sarah Shorr:


Guidelines for the presentation

Prepare a presentation of ca. 10 minutes inclusive relevant questions to be posed for the workshop discussion. It might be based on a paper, an article or just a note or questions. Please send your contribution by 1 March to Sarah Shorr: Contributions will be distributed to participants prior to the workshop: participants will be asked to read each other’s papers in advance of the workshop.



Charles Ess, Media Studies, Aarhus University   

Anne Marit Waade, Media Studies, Aarhus University   

Sarah Schorr, Ph.D. Fellow, Media Studies, Aarhus University


Related Ph.D-course

In connection to the workshop, we are organizing the Ph.D. course, Researching Mobile and Locative Media - Methods and Ethics. It takes place Wednesday, March 28, 2012. 11 am – 6 pm. In this course, we will emphasize the methodological approaches, as well as the ethical questions that surround the empirical study of mobile and locative media. For more information about the course, please contact Sarah Schorr, e-mail:


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