CFP Mimesis Now (April 5–7, 2012 University of Rochester)

I'm promoting one event that is part of the Humanities Project in my university. The deadline is approaching though!


Mimesis Now

April 5–7, 2012
University of Rochester

Why mimesis? Why now? How have evolving forms and technologies altered the way we think about this millennia-old concept? How have practices of reproduction, imitation, copying, replication and appropriation enriched, nuanced, and complicated each other and made us continuously rethink the concept of mimesis? From the invention of writing to the advent of ‘new’ media, technologies of reproduction have transformed representational practices and shaped our perception of reality.

This three-day conference at the University of Rochester will gather together scholars in literature, art, cinema, and media studies to explore historical, interdisciplinary, and inter-media issues of mimesis. We welcome paper proposals on topics addressing the theme of mimesis, now. Questions should be addressed to

Featured Keynote Speakers

Possible avenues of investigation:

  • Theatricality
  • Narrative mimesis
  • Animal mimicry
  • Rhetorics of the real
  • Mimesis and violence
  • Sacrifice
  • Mimesis and the visual
  • CGI
  • Digital media
  • 3D
  • Eric Auerbach
  • Remediation
  • Plato, Aristotle, Heidegger
  • Mimesis and colonialism
  • Music and mimesis
  • Reality TV
  • Anthropology of/and mimesis
  • Music as mimesis
  • Translation


Please submit an abstract for a 20-minute paper by October 15, 2011.
(If you are interested in submitting a 3- or 4-person panel, please email the conference organizers at


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