CFP Haunt Journal of Art

CFP Haunt Journal of Art

HAUNT Journal of Art is now soliciting speculative and innovative art writing for our inaugural issue to be published in June 2014.

Amidst a data driven, algorithmic, always mediated, genomic, automated, networked, digitized, visualized, tagged, ephemeral, and constantly surveilled landscape filled with bits and bytes, we still find ourselves engaged with the very undead nature of a crisis of the critical. Depending on one’s views this is liberation or enslavement, empowerment or a coming singularity. Either way, the inaugural issue of HAUNT is a space to think pleasurably about causality.

Subjects of study may be from a past or future era, a related field, or a work of fiction.  HAUNT will favor submissions that explicitly demonstrate how speculative and imaginative methods of writing near art may shape, suggest, or demand certain responses in the reception of contemporary art. In this way we hope to break from the perfunctory affair of executed criticism, to a more rigorous, playful, and indeed theoretical language.

Our first contributions will shape the mission and future directions of HAUNT. Amongst various lines of inquiry, we wonder: how can innovative writing practices perform the work of thinking in detail about the reception of art? And how might these practices better analyze or expose inequities in subjects of study to open up larger critical and social contexts?

Submissions may draw upon but are not limited to more traditional areas of study within art (e.g. art history, cinema, visual studies, design, literature, architecture) in addition to more interdisciplinary perspectives (e.g. critical race theory, queer studies, gender studies, science and technology studies).

Email submissions to by Friday 14 March 2014.   Deadline extended to Friday 28 March 2014.

Please visit for further information and submissions guidelines.

- Editors

HAUNT Journal of Art is a new peer reviewed, open-access art journal from the University of California, Irvine published by eScholarship.


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