CFP: The ePortfolio Field Coming of Age: Knowledge, Research and Practice

Monday, February 18, 2013 - 12:00am


The ePortfolio Field Coming of Age: Knowledge, Research and Practice
Call for proposals for the 4th AAEEBL Annual ePortfolio Conference
July 29 - August 1, 2013
Boston, MA, USA - Hynes Convention Center
Background and Context
AAEEBL is about learning, about learning within a new paradigm.  AAEEBL is also identified with eportfolios since AAEEBL sees eportfolios as the enabler of this new learning paradigm. Culturally, within the world of education, we are now experiencing a profound shift from a teachercentered learning paradigm that emphasizes information delivery and learner receptivity to learning models that acknowledge ever-evolving knowledge structures and innovation.  While a traditional classroom structure made sense when knowledge was relatively stable and when the economy was largely a production (industrial) economy, there is a need to rethink ways in which knowledge is both constructed and conveyed to learners.  AAEEBL advocates for a learning culture that supports deeper and more adaptable learning.  
Since 21st century knowledge is not static, and our economy is increasingly dependent on innovative learners who can adapt to change, individuals must become active participants in their own learning.  To succeed in life, they must constantly apply what they've learned to develop novel solutions that address challenges and solve problems.  It is essential that they fundamentally understand how to continue their learning and relearning throughout their lives.  Therefore it is a requirement today that learners from all entry points - schools and workplaces -- acquire deeper engagement in their own learning as well as a heightened sense of responsibility for their own role as active learners preparing to constructively advance the future.
We need learning paradigms that encourage reflection and connection-making, that lead beyond traditional factual surface-learning to deeper nuances that are relevant and meaningful to individual learners' lives, relationships and careers.  AAEEBL's purpose is to advance the movement from information-delivery, teaching-centered practices to learning methodologies that promote personal and social engagement.  AAEEBL works to shepherd both classroom and life-long learning transitions and emphasizes greater learner agency.  AAEEBL's commitment is to deepen learning and to transform institutions with eportfolios.  
The eportfolio community is a major global learning movement.  The use of electronic portfolios, as learning spaces, is roughly in its tenth year and, in honor of this anniversary, the 2013 Annual AAEEBL Conference in Boston highlights the phrase "Coming of Age." Therefore, this CFP invites proposals about using eportfolios to encourage deeper, learner-centered practices. Conference tracks represent a wide array of possibilities for sharing and discussing a multiplicity of eportfolio topics from start-ups to the latest innovations:
• Practice: Teaching and Learning with ePortfolios
• Transitions: ePortfolios, Employability and Support of Change 
• Research and Scholarship: Evaluating and Documenting the Effectiveness of ePortfolios
• Assessment: Using ePortfolios to Learn about Student Learning
• ePortfolio Start-Ups: First Steps and Beyond
• What's New? Open Learning and Alternative Credentialing for ePortfolios
Our 2013 conference will serve as a gathering space for shared collective knowledge about how we, as a scholarly community and as a community of practice, answer questions posed through roughly 10 years of experience.  What do we know about eportfolios?  What do we know about eportfolio research?  What do we know about best practices with eportfolios?  What do we know about the integration of technology into teaching and learning?  What have we learned about assessment and the role eportfolios play?  How do we know what we know about eportfolios?  What documentation do we have to validate what we know?  Where do we need to go from here with both research and practice to further the implementation of eportfolios in the service of learners?  What has eportfolio use taught us about learning?
AAEEBL invites session proposals for The ePortfolio Field Coming of Age: Knowledge, Research and Practice. This three-and-a-half day gathering of the world eportfolio community will feature: 
• approximately one hundred concurrent and interactive sessions (25-minute snapshot sessions and 
50-minute sessions)
• poster sessions
• Pecha Kucha sessions (See
• “Conversations with…” sessions
• a choice of full- and half-day workshops on Monday (all formally invited by AAEEBL)
In addition we will be hosting our third Executive Summit on Monday afternoon, and our conference will feature five plenary speakers, all leaders in the international eportfolio community.  The exhibit hall,where we co-locate with Campus Technology, will feature educational technology vendors, many of whom are AAEEBL Corporate Affiliates. These extensive offerings center around conversations created among attendees, presenters and exhibitors. 
General Conference Information and Background
The 2013 Conference will feature a change in venue from the first three AAEEBL Annual Conferences.  In 2013, for the first time, we will gather in the heart of Boston at the Hynes Convention Center and Sheraton Hotel.  This location offers proximity to many of Boston's attractions and provides a wide array of more options in terms of lodging and dining. 
Important dates: 
We invite proposal submissions October 18, 2012 through February 18, 2013.  Proposers may expect to receive notification of acceptance by March 25, 2013.  Notifications of session acceptance do not constitute invitations to attend the conference at a free or reduced fee.  As with other academic conferences, presenters will need to register and to attend the conference.

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