CFP: Emerging Learning Design Conference 2013


Call for Proposals: Emerging Learning Design Conference 2013

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ELD13 will be employing a ROLLING SUBMISSION ACCEPTANCE process, which is described in detail below.  This means that we are receiving and will be accepting submissions for the conference effective IMMEDIATELY.  To that end, there is no DEADLINE date for submissions – once we have filled the conference schedule we will no longer be accepting proposals.  Therefore, it is important that you submit your proposal as soon as possible.


The Submission Process

We are using a web-based conference management system called EasyChair.  We expect that it will help us manage your submission a bit differently than you may be used to at your typical conference.  Instead of a final reject/accept decision after the submission deadline, we plan on giving submitters constructive feedback throughout the CFP period.

Our peer-review process for this conference is very similar to that of a journal and will lead to one of two possible outcomes:
  • Accepted:  Your submission has been peer-reviewed and accepted in the form that it was submitted and will be included in the program immediately.
  • Revise and Resubmit: Your submission has been peer-reviewed and is being returned (within two weeks) with certain concerns that need to be addressed to make it a better fit with our conference.  Proposals may go through more than one feedback cycle like this.  Participation in this cycle does not guarantee inclusion in the conference program, based on the peer-review process.


Using EasyChair

To use the EasyChair system, you will need to establish an account with EasyChair. The URLs listed here will open in a new window allowing you to keep this window open in order to refer back to it easily.

This screencast should help you navigate that process – open the link to EasyChair.  After you’ve established that account, you can submit your proposal.

Here are the steps in writing:

  1. Use this link to access our home page on EasyChair.
  2. Click the “sign up for an account” link.
  3. Prove you aren’t a bot by completing the Captcha.
  4. Fill in your basic information (name, email) and wait for the confirmation email to arrive.
  5. Click the link in the confirmation email, and continue to fill in more information (including a username, password and address information.)
  6. Once you complete the registration information, you are returned to the login page where you can actually sign in for the first time.
  7. Now you can start with the submission process, by selecting “New Submission”, selecting your track and submitting your proposal. Check here for Submission Guidelines.

Once you have an account at EasyChair, you can submit your paper.  Unfortunately EasyChair does not allow us to tell you within the application what our tracks or presentation types are.

Please review the TRACKSSESSION TYPES, and SUBMISSION GUIDELINES pages before submitting.



Select conference presentations will be published as proceedings. Papers to be considered for the proceedings should follow the Guidelines for Publication, which will be provided.  Any research using human subjects must be approved by the Institutional Review Board (IRB) at the presenter’s home institution.


Becoming a Peer Reviewer

We are always looking for volunteers to become part of the ELD team by helping us evaluate submissions.  You’ve already got an account at EasyChair – why not volunteer to review other submissions?  EasyChair will manage conflicts of interest so you aren’t reviewing yours or colleagues’ submissions, and our peer-review process is designed to be minimally burdensome, while providing timely and useful feedback to submitters.  If you’re interested, let our Program Coordinator Kirk McDermid know at


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