CFP: Console-ing Passions: Conference on Television, Audio, Video, New Media, and Feminism (April 2010: Eugene, Oregon)

Call for Papers

Console-ing Passions: Conference on Television, Audio, Video, New Media, and Feminism
April 22-24, 2010

University of Oregon: Eugene, Oregon

Founded by a group of feminist media scholars and artists, Console-ing Passions creates collegial spaces for scholarship and other creative work on culture, identity, gender, and sexuality in television and related media. Since the early 1990s, Console-ing Passions conferences have supported new research on a myriad of feminist perspectives related to the study of television, digital, and aural media.

The 2010 Console-ing Passions conference invites paper and panel proposals that consider the breadth of feminist issues on television, audio and new media, including--but not limited to--race and ethnicity, post-colonialism, queer studies, globalization, national identity, television genres, the social and cultural study of new media, the historical development of
media, and ongoing feminist concerns with gender dynamics in the production and consumption of media.

The deadline for submissions is 11:59 PM (Pacific) on Monday, November 2, 2009.

Conference convenes April 22-24, 2010

Guideline for Proposal Submission:

Submit an individual paper proposal. Individuals submitting paper proposals will be asked to provide an abstract of 500 words, a short bio, and contact information.

Submit a pre-constituted panel proposal
. Coordinators proposing Pre-Constituted Panels will be asked to submit a 150-word rationale for the panel (3-4 papers) as well as the following information per contributor: 500-word abstract, short bio, and contact information.

Submit a workshop proposal
. Workshop coordinators will be required to submit a 250-word rationale for the workshop and a 250-word rationale for its interactivity along with the following information per contributor: 200-word abstract, short bio, and contact information. Workshops are intended to encourage discussion; contributors should plan on a series
of brief, informal presentations on a related topic so as to facilitate conversation.

Submit a screening proposal. Proposals for video, audio, or new media screenings will consist of a 500-word abstract, a short bio of the producer/director, and contact information.

We look forward to welcoming you to the 2010 Console-ing Passions conference at the University of Oregon. For more information about Console-ing Passions and the 2010 conference, please visit our website.

You can direct specific questions about the conference and the submission process to:

Conference Co-Chairs:

Priscilla Peña Ovalle, Film and Media Studies, Department of English, University of Oregon

Carol Stabile, Department of English; School of Journalism and Communication; Director of the Center for the Study of Women in Society, University of Oregon


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