CFP: Connected Learning Survey Study Competition

CFP: Connected Learning Survey Study Competition

Visit for full details about eligibility and how to apply.

Interested in being part of an innovative effort to show how youth are learning in connected learning environments?

The Connected Learning Research Network invites you to submit proposals to participate in a two-year research study of "connected learning." Your group will become part of a national network of people who are studying what connected learning environments (CLEs) look like and what/how youth learn in them. These survey results will provide you with a rich picture of how your participants' experiences reflect the principles of connected learning. Practically, these data could be used for program development and improvement. Staff or adult leaders in your group will be generously compensated for helping administer surveys, and youth will receive incentives for participating.

Connected learning environments are spaces where people come together, both in person and online, and begin to reimagine the possibilities for education in the information age. Your group, program, or online community is invited to compete to be part of the study. If selected, youth aged 13-16 would take part in a longitudinal survey of their experiences, and you will receive results from the study for your group or community.

This research study is a great opportunity for you to get data on how youth experience learning in your community or program, by participating in the longitudinal survey of connected learning. Summary data will be provided for each program within 2-3 months. This data can be used to show funders who's coming to your community or program and how your community or program's offerings relate to outcomes. You can also opt to be part of a remotely supported youth researcher program -- ideal for youth who want to learn more about how to conduct research in their schools or communities!

NOTE: If time to prepare the application is your only obstacle to participating, contact A researcher on the study team can call you to get the information needed and complete the application with you over the phone.


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