Center for Digital Humanities at South Carolina Open House

Wednesday, September 8, 2010 - 12:30pm to 2:30pm

Okay, no spotlights sweeping the night sky above Columbia, but we are planning a couple of events to celebrate the official opening of the Center for Digital Humanities at South Carolina.   Please join us if you can, and help us to spread the word!

For this event we are inviting PIs of project associated with the Center to set up displays featuring their work.  These may be poster exhibits or they may be digital:  we'll bring iMacs over for interactive exhibits.

There is, of course, a list of such projects I can name off the top of my head (and you PI's know who you are).  But we'd like to extend the invitation to participate to everyone doing digital projects, whether they're formally affiliated with the CDH (yet) or not.

So please, start brainstorming what sort of display you'd like to assemble, and contact us to confirm your intentions.  We'd like preliminary commitments right away, with more detailed information about equipment needs by mid-August.



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