Celebrate the Selfie - Contribute to "My First Selfie"

Celebrate the Selfie - Contribute to "My First Selfie"

My First Selfie

Submit a selfie to help create a Tumblr page, "My First Selfie", dedicated to selfies and the instructions that help us take the perfect photo. 

Mona Lisa Selfie” from Google Image Search. 

Your participation will significantly help my project in the course, "The Politics and Practices of Digital Media."


To participate, please do the following:
  • Choose a set of instructions or tips from the list below
  • Take a selfie
  • Submit the photo to myfirstselfie@gmail.com,
  • Tell us which set of directions/tips you selected (A, B, C, or D)
  • In a few words, tell us what the photo says about you. Include a hashtag (#) that describes your selfie.
  • Be creative, have fun, and be you!

Please review the following sets of instructions:

A.  Taking the Perfect ‘Selfie’ on Your Phone: Nigel Barker Offers 8 Photography Tips: Nigel Barker is a noted fashion photographer and TV show personality, best       known for America’s Next Top Model. If you are looking to get tips from a fashion photographer expert, use this link.

B.   Science of People: How to take the Perfect Selfie: Vanessa Van Edwards is the author of “Human Lie Detection & Body Language 101: Your Guide to Reading People’s Nonverbal Behavior”. Watch the video in the link, as well as the instructions listed below. She covers professional selfies, as well as other important body language aspects to be aware of when taking a selfie.

C.   Buzzfeed's 13 Creative Ways to Take a Selfie: Here, Buzzfeed has created a list to spark the imagination in selfie taking. If you want to be creative, or artsy with your selfie, try this link.

D.  Alternatives to the “Duckface” – digital trends: The “duckface” has become a social media don’t, in the world of selfies. This link provides alternatives to this trend. It is an ironic link for those that want to take an unconventional, silly, or what some may call an “ugly” selfie.


Why am I doing this project?

“A selfie also exists in a social context, once shared.
But just as importantly, creating and sharing a selfie or a stream of selfies
is a form of self-reflection and self-creation.”
– Jill Walker Rettburg

Self-portraits have been around for hundreds of years. The selfie is a reflection of you through means of a digital device. My plan is to create a Tumblr that celebrate the selfie, and demonstrates how instructions helps us take the perfect photo. Some people take selfies spontaneously in order to capture a specific moment in real time. Some people take multiple selfies of the same moment in real time, searching for the perfect picture of themselves. They search for the best lighting, angles, expression, or theme. Has the selfie become an art form? An art that requires skill, specifically those in search of the perfect selfie? The purpose of this project involves intervening in the selfie taking process, specifically geared towards people that are not used to or familiar with the selfie taking process. The directions provided above host a variety of tools and tips for selfie taking. 

After reading about the National #Selfie Portrait Gallery in London, I wanted to create something similar.  This exhibition, which took place October 17-20 in 2013, “explores the range of performativity, personality, authenticity, and expression inherent in the #selfie form, from the instant gratification of its creation to the popularity contests of its publication." I want to find the same uniqueness that this Gallery found in selfies. 



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