CALLING ALL SELFIES: What makes the perfect selfie? Or a selfie worth posting?

CALLING ALL SELFIES: What makes the perfect selfie? Or a selfie worth posting?

Get involved in the Celebrate the Selfie project!

Follow one (or more) of the instructions below to help me reach my goal of 50 or more photos to create a Tumblr that demonstrates how instructions aid in the selfie taking process. 

To participate, please do the following:
  • Choose a set of instructions or tips from the list below
  • Take a selfie
  • Submit the photo to,
  • Tell us which set of directions/tips you selected (A, B, C, or D)
  • In a few words, tell us what the photo says about you. Include a hashtag (#) that describes your selfie.
  • Be creative, have fun, and be you!

Please review the following sets of instructions:

A.  Taking the Perfect ‘Selfie’ on Your Phone: Nigel Barker Offers 8 Photography Tips: Nigel Barker is a noted fashion photographer and TV show personality, best       known for America’s Next Top Model. If you are looking to get tips from a fashion photographer expert, use this link.

B.   Science of People: How to take the Perfect Selfie: Vanessa Van Edwards is the author of “Human Lie Detection & Body Language 101: Your Guide to Reading           People’s Nonverbal Behavior”. Watch the video in the link, as well as the instructions listed below. She covers professional selfies, as well as other important body           language aspects to be aware of when taking a selfie.

C.   Buzzfeed's 13 Creative Ways to Take a Selfie: Here, Buzzfeed has created a list to spark the imagination in selfie taking. If you want to be creative, or artsy with         your selfie, try this link.

D.  Alternatives to the “Duckface” – digital trends: The “duckface” has become a social media don’t, in the world of selfies. This link provides alternatives to this               trend. It is an ironic link for those that want to take an unconventional, silly, or what some may call an “ugly” selfie.


Why am I doing this project?

" ...Creating and sharing a selfie or a stream of selfies is a form of self-reflection and self-creation.”
– Jill Walker Rettburg

 I plan to create a Tumblr that celebrates the selfie, and demonstrates how instructions could help us take the perfect photo. The intent of the project is to intervene in the selfie taking process, specifically geared towards people that are not used to or familiar with the selfie taking process. But I will accept any photo, that has used a set of directions above to create a selfie. The directions provided above host a variety of tools and tips for selfie taking. 


Share this project with your friends, family, and co-workers!



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