Call for Submissions of Student Work


Call for Submissions of Student Work

2012 Modern Language Association “Electronic Literature” Exhibit

The curators for “Electronic Literature,” the exhibit to be held in conjunction with the 127th Modern Language Association 2012 Convention in Seattle, WA,  invite student submissions of literary-oriented electronic works created as a video, 2 or 3D animation, website, social media environment, or augmented reality for mobile phones and desktop computer environments. 

Students from high school (grades 9-12) through college/university undergraduates are encouraged to submit originalworks.  

The key quality the judges will be looking for is a compelling story, poem or non-fiction literary essay produced for computing devices that cannot simply be printed out and read like a traditional literary work.  In other words, the works must be “digital born”––that is, unable to be printed out and read like a work of traditional literature.  Works selected for exhibition will be displayed alongside works by established electronic literature authors.  Students whose works are selected for exhibit are not expected to attend the gallery show, but they will receive a certificate from the curators and a listing in the exhibit website and app stating their achievement.

The Modern Language Association Convention runs from January 5th-January 8, 2012 and is an event that annually draws between 5000 participants. This will be a significant audience for electronic literature produced by students.

To submit work:  Email URL to; or mail CD or DVD to:

Professors Dene Grigar & Kathi Inman Berens
The Creative Media & Digital Culture Program
Washington State University Vancouver
14202 NE Salmon Creek Ave.
Vancouver, WA 98686

Deadline for submissions is November 7, 2011 at 5 pm PST. 

Students are limited to submit one work each.  Please make sure that the work can be experienced within a 20 minute time frame.  Be sure to include your full name and a working email address so that the judges can contact you about whether or not your work has been accepted.

Notice of acceptance will be sent out on November 18, 2011. 

If you have further questions, contact


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