Call for Submissions: CINESONIKA 3 – Celebrating the Soundtrack

Call for Submissions: CINESONIKA 3 – Celebrating the Soundtrack
Thursday, November 15, 2012 (All day)

Call for Papers, Conference Presentations and film & video submissions:

CINESONIKA 3 – Celebrating the Soundtrack

The Third International Conference & Festival of Sound Design

Conference Dates: Feb. 15th – 17th, 2013

Keynote Speaker: Philip Brophy

Venue: University of Ulster at Derry/Londonderry, Northern Ireland

The theme of this international film and video festival is to celebrate the soundtrack. Usually in cinema festivals there is a fixation on movie stars, or captivating imagery, or the literary qualities of screenplays. Sound tends to be relatively unvalorized in moving-image making. The intent of the festival is to give attention to innovative work in the creation of film and video soundtracks, and to give due credit to the importance of audio in audiovisual media.

Call for Papers & Conference Presentations

We are seeking multi-disciplinary contributions on sound in relation to the moving image. Media thinkers, film scholars, art historians, performance theorists, composers, filmmakers, sound practitioners, multimedia semioticians, philosophers of perception - we invite these and others to submit proposals for 20 minute panel presentations. All accepted presentations will be considered for inclusion in the CINESONIKA issue of The Soundtrack academic journal if expanded into papers and submitted for peer review (1000-3000 words for short articles, 5000-6000 words for long papers).

Submitting to the Conference:

Please write "Cinesonika 3 - Paper Submission" in the subject heading.

Deadline for Abstracts (under 500 words): December 2, 2012

Please submit your abstract and short bio both as an attachment (.doc or .pdf) and also pasted into the body of your email submission, to our conference director.

Past Conferences

Prior proceedings are available as PDFs below:

Cinesonika 2 (2012)

Cinesonika 1 (2010)


Submitting Your Film & Video Work to CINESONIKA 3

Deadline November 15, 2012.

€15 entry fee.

This third annual festival will showcase international works of film and video with fascinating soundtracks, idiosyncratic sound design, eclectic scoring and innovative approaches to the sound-image relationship.

We are open to works in any format, including narrative, documentary, animation, experimental, and uncategorizable styles, with no minimum or maximum run time.

We are also open to proposals for installation or live performance. Send these via email in whatever format best communicates your idea at the contact info below.

For the film and video festival, all DVD submissions should be formatted as follows:

  • NTSC format for application purposes. If your work is accepted, we will contact you requesting a PAL DVD for the festival and conference in Derry/Londonderry, Northern Ireland (Feb '13).
  • We accept Bluray for HD works.
  • Please LABEL each DVD clearly with: Your Name, Title, Run Time, Country of Origin, Year Produced, your email address
  • No Watermarks or other copyright graphics over the video content.
  • No MENUS on your DVD please! Your DVD should feature ONLY the work you are submitting, and it should be set to AUTO-PLAY on INSERT.
  • No LOOPING DVDs please.
  • Each video submission will require its own submission form and entry fee.

    Fill out the online submission form here and make the entry fee via the online Paypal. You will receive a confirmation email from the festival organizers when your submission fees and electronic form have both been received.

    If your work is accepted, we will ask you for a short video excerpt for online preview to be sent by email link.

Mail DVDs to:


211-15322 101 Ave.

Surrey, BC V3R 4G9



Location information:

Cinesonika 3 will be hosted at the School of Creative Arts, University of Ulster and The Nerve Centre, Derry/Londonderry, Northern Ireland in February 2013.

Located at the University's Magee campus on the banks of the River Foyle, the School of Creative Arts houses the University of Ulster's Creative Technologies, Dance, Design, Drama and Music programmes. The School is host to the biennial Imagine Create Digital Arts festival and the annual Walled City Music Festival, and City of Derry Guitar Festival. Other events include the 2010 Society for Musicology in Ireland Conference and the forthcoming North Atlantic Fiddle Convention (2012).

Compact and cultural, the walled city of Derry/Londonderry is famed for its buzzing social calendar of events and festivals including the City of Derry Jazz Festival, the Big Tickle Comedy Festival, the Foyle Film Festival and, of course, Ireland's largest street carnival, the Banks of the Foyle Hallowe'en Carnival. 2013 promises to be a momentous year in the cultural life of the city as it becomes the first ever UK City of Culture.



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