Call for Participation in a DH 2015 panel: Starting from Scratch: Building Undergraduate-Centered #DH Programs

Starting from Scratch: Building Undergraduate-Centered #DH Programs at DH2015 in Sydney, Australia, June 29th to July 3rd, 2015

As Digital Studies, Humanities and Liberal Arts grow as fields, institutions are beginning to build digital curricula centered on undergraduate education.  These programs are often driven by interest in digital scholarship and the unique needs of each particular institution.  As a result, they develop in many and varied ways, alternately incorporating classes on digital methods, digital culture, instructional technology, libraries and archives, and “traditional” fields ranging from English to history to computer science to anthropology.  This diversity has led to an exciting array of undergraduate digital studies programs, but questions remain about how to systematically integrate critical pedagogy, new teaching methods, and new ways of interacting with our students to the practice of digital studies.

This panel seeks to bring together the people who are building digital studies programs at undergraduate institutions around the world to share their experiences and to begin to brainstorm best-practices for undergraduate-centered digital studies programs.  We are soliciting submissions of ~10 minute papers which focus on one challenge, problem or eureka! moment you have faced building a #dh program from scratch.  We welcome papers written by groups within institutions, and from people who are just starting to build digital studies programs and those who are reflecting on established curricula.

We hope, through this session, audience comments and remote engagement to begin to build a best-practices guide for establishing digital programs at undergraduate-centered institutions.

Possible topics might include:

  • Establishing a DH center

  • Building DH curricula, courses and majors

  • DH-ing existing classes

  • Digital ethnographies of undergraduate populations

  • Collaborations between disciplines, between departments, and with libraries

  • Starting a MakerSpace

  • Fostering digital innovation and creativity

  • The challenges and failures in establishing DH programs

  • Being a digital singleton in an analog department, college or university

  • Serving as a connection point for different digital interests

Please send ~500 word paper proposals to by October 15th.


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