Call for MA and MFA Applications in Arts, Technology, and Emerging Communication

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The School of Arts, Technology, and Emerging Communication

at The University of Texas at Dallas

The School of Arts, Technology, and Emerging Communication (ATEC) at The University of Texas at Dallas invites applications for its MA and MFA programs beginning in Fall 2021.  We seek students who appreciate the opportunities of cross-disciplinary education and who aspire to be visionary scholars, researchers, teachers, and artists.

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Master of Arts (MA) with Emerging Media Studies

The program leading to the MA in Arts, Technology, and Emerging Communication is designed both for individuals engaged in professional practice wishing to enhance their knowledge and skills and for students intending to pursue a doctorate in a related field. It offers advanced studies in digital media studies, interactive media, and computer-based arts that emphasize the fusion of creative with critical thinking and theory with practice.

Master of Fine Arts (MFA) with Animation or Creative Practice

The Master of Fine Arts in Arts, Technology, and Emerging Communication is a terminal
degree in emerging artistic practices focusing primarily on the creative use and critical investigation of technology in artistic practices. The program is designed for both students wishing to teach arts- and technology-related courses at the college level and for those intending to engage in professional studio or design practice. While maintaining a commitment to interdisciplinary education fusing critical with creative thinking, this program places emphasis on the creation and application of computer-based arts and narrative.

Transdisciplinary Collaboration

ATEC is the newest school at UT Dallas and has a mission to develop transdisciplinary academic programs that span the fields of art, computer science, design, humanities, and social sciences. 

Faculty have training and expertise in multiple disciplines

  • Animation and game design
  • Critical media studies, including feminist, anti-racist, queer, marxist and disability studies approaches
  • Visual and 3D arts
  • Computation and data analytics
  • Experimental animation
  • Narrative and cultural theory
  • Public interactives
  • Community arts research and public humanities
  • Art & science

Faculty and students collaborate on hybrid research projects, developing new methods of critical and creative practice. They are leaders in developing pedagogical approaches to foster cross-disciplinary learning.


ATEC is housed in the newly constructed Edith O’Donnell Arts and Technology Building. Opened in 2014, the 155,000 sq ft facility includes computer labs, fabrication and maker spaces, faculty research labs, motion capture
labs, a usability lab, sound design recording spaces, a games and media library, and a 3D art studio. 

Graduate students are expected to participate in Creative Learning Environments, learning through shoulder-to-shoulder collaboration with faculty and peers. Creative Learning Environments include:

  • 3D Studio
  • ArtSciLab
  • Anechoic Chamber Transmedia Studio (ACTS)
  • Emerging Gizmology Lab
  • Experimenta.l. Animation Lab
  • Fashioning Circuits 
  • LabSynthE
  • Narrative Systems Research Lab
  • Public Interactives Research Lab (PIRL)
  • Social Practice and Community Engagement (SPaCE) Media
  • Studio for Mediating Play

Funding may be available for outstanding students in the MA and MFA programs through teaching assistantships.

Applicants to the MA programs must have earned an undergraduate degree from an accredited school in a relevant field and submit a statement of purpose, CV, and an academic writing sample. There is also an option to submit a creative portfolio in addition to the aforementioned materials. 

Applicants to the MFA programs must have earned an undergraduate degree from an accredited school in a relevant field and submit a portfolio with a written essay of interest and examples of creative and/or critical work.

For details about ATEC graduate programs, visit

For information on upcoming info sessions or to ask questions about the MA and MFA programs,
please contact graduate adviser Brenda Freeman (

General inquiries can be sent to Dr. Kim Knight, Associate Dean of Graduate Studies in ATEC (

Application deadline for priority admission and consideration of funding and financial aid: December 15, 2020
Applications close May 1. Complete application details are available




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