call for doctoral students: new Information Work Research Group at UT Austin


Announcing the Information Work Research Group at UT Austin's iSchool

Call for Doctoral Students

The School of Information (iSchool) of the University of Texas at Austin announces the creation of the Information Work Research Group (IWRG), a faculty collaboration designed to explore information work broadly conceived. IWRG faculty are looking for top students to apply to the UT iSchool doctoral program to work in this area. Funding is available for high-quality doctoral students interested in information work. 

IWRG faculty (Diane Bailey, William Aspray, Lecia Barker, Nathan Emsmenger and James Howison) have expertise in the social sciences, including sociology, organizational studies, communication studies, science and technology studies, political science, public policy, and history. The faculty educates graduate students at the doctoral and masters levels, typically through joint advising, organizing lecture series, participating in reading groups, and conducting joint research projects. 

Topics currently of interest to IWRG faculty include, among others:

· software development (including free and open source software)

· global distribution of information workers, e.g. offshoring, outsourcing

· education and training for information workers

· gender, racial, and ethnic issues in the information workforce

· integration of information work and information technology into various application domains, e.g. the auto industry or science

· computer-supported cooperative work

· social media and work

· the trajectory of information work careers

· professionalization, ethics, and information work

· studies of work that inform design of information systems


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