Call for Book Chapters -“Reimaging the Education and Improving the Interactive Systems: New Researches for Mobile Multimedia, Emerging Devices, Design and Communicability”

Tuesday, September 1, 2015 - 12:00am

Call for Long & Short Chapters :: Blue Herons Editions::

Handbook: “Reimaging the Education and Improving the Interactive Systems: New Researches for Mobile Multimedia, Emerging Devices, Design and Communicability”

:Informatics and Emerging Excellence in Education Collection
:On an Edited Handbook to be Published by Blue Herons Editions (Informatics and Emerging Excellence in Education) in November/December 2015

*** Handbook with high quality color printing (publisher of peer-reviewed) ***

:Title: " Reimaging the Education and Improving the Interactive Systems: New Researches for Mobile Multimedia, Emerging Devices, Design and Communicability"


:Main editor: F. V. Cipolla-Ficarra

:Kim Veltman (Maastricht, Netherlands), Jacqueline Alma (Vancouver, Canada), Wen-Yuan Jen (Taiwan, China), Vasileios Paliktzoglou (Joensuu, Finland), Donald Nilson (Oslo Norway), Annamaria Poli (Milan, Italy), Luisa Varela (Perpignan, France), et al.

:The proposal is expected to be 2 - 4 pages, submitted in .doc or .pdf format, composed of title, author(s) (name, affiliation, phone number, and e-mail address), extended abstract (background, related work, principal contributions, references and so on), table of contents, and contact author/s.
:All contributions should be of high originality, quality, clarity, significance, impact and not published elsewhere or submitted for publication during the review period. Main areas are solicited on, but not limited to:

:: Adaptive and Intuitive Environments

:: Advanced Classroom Technology

:: Applications of New Technologies and Communicability for Virtual Education

:: Architectures and Algorithms Tackling Technical New Challenges of Educational Mobile Systems

:: Assessment of Interactive Systems for Children in Education

:: Augmented Reality

:: Blended Learning

:: Bridging Differences in Culturally Diverse Design Teams for Learning Environments

:: Changes and Challenges in Hypermedia Systems for Education

:: Cloud Assistance in Educational Contents Distribution

:: Communicability

:: Communication Technologies and Social Models Used in E-learning

:: Computational Linguistics

:: Computer Aided Education

:: Computer Graphics and Computer Animation for Special Contents

:: Computer-Based Learning/Training

:: Computer-Supported Collaborative Learning

:: Concepts and Practices for International Learning

:: Context-aware and Location-based Mobile and Ubiquitous Services

:: Cross-Cultural Comparisons of Learning Programs

:: Cultural and Social Impact of Mobile Multimedia Systems for Education

:: Digital Divide

:: Distance Learning and Distance Teaching for Users with Physical Disabilities

:: Distributed Computing Support and Middleware for Mobile and Ubiquitous Multimedia

:: Dynamics and Statics Media for Education

:: E-book

:: Educational Experiences for Information and Communications Technologies

:: Educational Innovation through Knowledge Transfer

:: Educational MashUps

:: Educational Models and Anti-Models for Emerging Society

:: E-entertainment

:: E-government

:: E-learning

:: Empathy and Inference Theories for International Users

:: E-radio for Learning

:: E-tutoring

:: Evaluation of New Generation of Computer Games for Education

:: Globalization and New Barriers to Learning

:: Grids for Learning

:: Heuristic Evaluation Methods and Techniques

:: Human and Social Factors in Computer Science

:: Human-Computer Interaction

:: Hyperbase and Compression Methods of the Educational Information

:: Hypermedia Mobile Learning Environments and Applications

:: Hypertext, Multimedia and Hypermedia Systems

:: Immersive Technologies in Advanced Distributed Learning

:: Informatics and Pedagogical Models

:: Innovative Uses of Technology for Learning and Teaching

:: Integration of Virtual Reality and Hypermedia in Educational Contents

:: Intelligent Agents and Tutoring Systems

:: Intelligent User Interface

:: Interactions between Industry/Enterprise and Education

:: Languages and Programming Techniques for Artificial Intelligence

:: Learning Management Systems

:: Local and Global Interactive Design for E-learning

:: Localization and Culturally Adaptive Global Interfaces for Education

:: Metamorphosis in the Roles of Teachers and Learners in Technology-mediated Environments

:: Methods, Techniques and Measures to Assess Learning/Teaching Performance and Experience

:: Mixed Reality

:: Mobile Advertising, Entertainment and Videogames

:: Mobile Augmented Reality Applications for Learning and Teaching

:: Multimedia Immersive Networked Environments

:: Multimedia Mobile and Ubiquitous Applications and Systems

:: New Challenges in Programming Languages and Techniques for Web Classroom

:: New Digital Media Used in Preschool

:: New Technological Tools and Distributed Data Bases for Education

:: New Uses of Emerging and/or Existing Classroom/Users Technologies

:: Open-Source E-learning Platforms

:: Pedagogical Approaches for Children, Adults and Seniors Students

:: Pedagogical Tools for Supporting Learning Environments

:: Pedagogy and Computer Engineering Curriculum

:: Personal Learning Environments Mobile Learning Environments and Applications

:: Pervasive/Ubiquitous Computing

:: Quality Metrics for Educational Interactive Systems

:: Reusability of the Information for Continuing Education

:: Semiotics for Pedagogical Quality

:: Social Factors in Videoconferencing Systems

:: Social Impact of Emerging Technologies for Educational

:: Social Psychology

:: Sociology

:: Software Architectures for Scientific Computing and Education

:: Software Quality

:: Strategies for Learning Assessment

:: Technologies and Applications Emerging for Microinformatics Systems

:: Technology on Assessment Practices in Higher Education

:: Technology-Enhanced Learning

:: Telecommunications

:: Tele-education and Broadcasting Networking Architectures

:: Textual Information On-line and Discursive Analysis

:: Three-dimensional Reconstruction for Education

:: Tools and Development Methods for Building Mobile and Ubiquitous Interactive Systems

:: Training and Evaluation Methodologies

:: Transfer of Know-How for Technology Used with Children

:: TV Interactive

:: Usability Engineering

:: User-Centered Design

:: Using Sensing Technologies for Learning and Teaching

:: Video Games for Learning

:: Virtual Classroom and Virtual Campus Applications

:: Virtual Museums and E-tourism for New Educational Systems

:: Virtual Tutors

:: Virtual World Creation for Real Simulation, Education and Entertainment

:: Web 2.0

:: Web 3.0

An extensive listing connotes and reflects the requirement and also skill necessary to find intersection zones of the disciplines among the different domains, fields, and specialities; which at the same time potentially boosts and merges the formerly different scientific views.

Important Dates:

Chapter Proposal Submission Deadline: September, 1
Proposal Acceptance Due Date: between one and three week/s after the submission/s
Full Chapter Submission Deadline: October, 30
Planned Publishing Date: November/December 2015

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