Friday, November 2, 2012 - 7:00pm to Saturday, November 3, 2012 - 12:00am


Inlight Richmond & Norberto Gomez Jr. present BYOB-RVA - Bring Your Own Beamer, Richmond, Virginia



BYOB is a series of one-night exhibitions hosting artists and their beamers (projectors). All artists are invited to show work during BYOB-RVA, with the only requirement being they provide their own projector (open to interpretation) and work. Installation is free-form, with artists reacting to the space and their fellow beamers throughout the night. First initiated by Rafaël Rozendaal in 20

10, over 80 BYOB events have taken place throughout the world, from Berlin and Tokyo, to San Francisco and New York City.

BYOB-RVA is facilitated and organized by Norberto Gomez, Jr., and graciously supported and funded by InLight Richmond 2012, 1708 Gallery's fifth annual one-night, public light-based art exhibition.

This an outside space, the Managed Care Properties Parking Lot across the street from 1708 Gallery. Huge brick walls are available for projecting onto, and there is plenty of space for televisions, computer monitors, performance, etc.

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More details: beamers, or projectors, may consist of the typical digital projector used by computers or your television, or that elementary overhead projector, or a child’s toy. Other “screen” material like computer monitors or televisions are also acceptable. BYOB-RVA is also open to creative interpretations of the “projector,” light & dark as medium, the moving image, music/sound/noise, installation, and shadow-performance.

Make sure to bring your cords, dvd players, computers, vcr, etc. and extra power strips is always helpful. 


InLight Richmond 2012, 1708 Gallery’s fifth annual one-night, public light-based art exhibition, will be held on Friday, November 2, 2012 along the Broad Street corridor, 1708 Gallery’s downtown neighborhood. The juror for InLight 2012 is Melissa Ho, assistant curator at the Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden. 

1708 Gallery is a non-profit arts organization founded by artists in 1978. Our mission is to present exceptional new art. 1708 Gallery is committed to providing opportunities for artistic innovation for emerging and established artists and to expanding the understanding and appreciation of new art for the public.

InLight Richmond was created in 2008 as a way to give something to the community on the occasion of 1708 Gallery's 30th birthday. Thus was born the idea of a one-night, public art exhibition that would offer our community a chance to engage with contemporary art outside the gallery walls. From its conception, InLight Richmond was intended to move sites from one year to the next as a way to highlight unique parts of the city and reach out to different audiences.


an excerpt from something not yet written

A problem with sound-art aside from its language is its forgetfulness. Its lesson is deep-listening. If so, then its academization and its silo-presentations within white-spaces mean no-one is listening. Sunn O)))’s dark-art slows down time, two-hours is something felt, bodily. The occasional flesh of a raised hand is seen through the thick fog of the machine. The fog which allows us a glimpse of the formerly mystical unseen interstices between you, me and the rock-space is suddenly thick and material. Augmented reality head-mounted eye-glasses claim to allow you to “be in the moment” expelling clunky media for invisibility, the truly social-experience of nature at the expense of space. On the other hand, a campfire illuminates with jumping flames. The results: shadow-play, campfire songs, the deep, slow stares, and smells of burning wood. The slow media of being-there is not a war against technology, but an acknowledgement of both the parts and the whole. Toggle the light switch, on and off, off and on. Know your neighborhood by deeply-listening and deep-see diving. Bring your own beamer, RVA.

-Norberto Gomez, Jr. 
Richmond, Virginia
September 21, 2012





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