Be HASTAC's Online Community Strategist!

Be HASTAC's Online Community Strategist!
Friday, January 3, 2014 - 12:00am

Drupal Webmaster and Online Community Strategist

40 hours a week (includes full benefits)

Term appointment, lasting until December, 2015, with possible renewal beyond depending on future funding possibilities.

Position closes Friday, January 3rd at 5pm EST. Please submit application with cover letter in advance of the deadline.


1. Web site administrator & builder. 

  • Act as webmaster for all Drupal-based websites, for HASTAC and HASTAC/MacArthur Foundation Digital Media and Learning Competition, and for all institutionally-based programing supported on the site. While Drupal administration experience is required, in-depth coding and Drupal development experience is not mandatory. 
  • Provide routine technical support and site configuration, moderating content posted on the HASTAC website, maintaining security and functionalities according to best practices, assessing the current and future needs of the website and network; collaborate with Director of Social Networking to support use of the online "Winners' Hub" that interfaces with both HASTAC's and Digital Media and Learning Competition's websites as well as conceptualizing and then implementing the visionary, exciting interactive functions that a social networking site can have in a 2.0 learning, research, and educational environment.
  • Manage all vendors of digital services to HASTAC. Direct and manage the process of developing a new HASTAC website by working closely with developers, soliciting advice from stakeholders including staff, steering committee, and members of
  • HASTAC, advising developers and designers about the unique needs of this active online community, coordinating user testing, and safeguarding project budget and timeline.

2. New media strategy and implementation. 

  • Set goals and policies for HASTAC's and the Digital Media and Learning Competition's various e-mail lists, social networks, and social media presences, develop and implement communication and outreach plans, manage accounts and profiles from external service providers, and conceptualize new audiences, new modes of outreach, and new forms of participation.
  • Collect and analyze data about HASTAC's online community and present regular monthly and ad hoc reports as needed.

3. Digital Media and Learning Competition technical support. 

  • Ensure and maximize participation of competition winners in the online Winners' Hub by ensuring user-centric design of the community website, provide general training and individual support to winners, administer and support community webinars, develop strategies with the Director of Social Networking, build out new features as needed to support the community, and provide technical support at in-person events.

4. Team member. 

  • Participate in regular meetings with the HASTAC team at Duke and UCHRI and with program officers at the MacArthur Foundation, actively contribute to the HASTAC blogosphere and social network, and assist in the development of Duke-centric
  • activities to establish a Duke identity within the multi-institutional virtual network that constitutes HASTAC.

5. Institutional Coordination.

  • Currently, this position is funded by two grants (MacArthur Foundation and NSF). Over the term appointment, the configuration of how the position is funded will shift, while retaining full-time status.
  • The person hired will need to actively manage this position's transition from a wholly grant-funded position to a partially institutionally funded one that requires higher visibility and support from and the HASTAC Team.
  • Position will require coordination and cooperation with members of the funding institution, more institutional branding, increased sensitivity to that institution's needs and requirements, and a possible move to the institutional server (from a commercial vendor).

6. Digital communications.

  • Facilitate electronic communications including managing e-mail newsletter systems, building and supporting Wordpress sites for HASTAC-affiliated projects, work with other HASTAC team members to coordinate outreach efforts (including listserv announcements, forums postings, blog postings, etc.) to insure maximum visibility.

7. EAGER project manager & collaborator. 

  • Act as manager for HASTAC's NSF-funded EAGER research project including supervising and supporting postdoctoral researcher, providing critical analysis of research findings, and facilitating access to HASTAC data.
  • Assist with the planning and execution of a final public event and a final report.

8. Other duties as assigned.


  • Significant experience with Drupal required.
  • Production experience with PHP, MySQL, XHTML, and CSS highly desirable.
  • Significant experience developing strategies for increased engagement in social networks, and experience developing and managing open online communities and organizational social network profiles.
  • Experience with web-based multimedia and social media.
  • Solid visual design skills and experience.
  • Experience in higher education and in new media directions/applications for higher education and other learning environments to bring technology expertise to visionary new modes of research and learning preferred.

Job Skill Requirements:

  • A commitment to HASTAC's organizational mission, as well as to the educational vision of HASTAC#s funding agencies and partners (MacArthur Foundation Digital Media and Learning Competition, NSF, and Duke). Familiarity and proven engagement with academic culture and training in the academic disciplines and themes represented by the HASTAC network and/or Digital Media and Learning communities a plus.
  • Excellent diplomacy, communication, management, and technology skills and vision, as well as an appreciation for the reputation of HASTAC#s funders and the ability to maintain top professional standards in all situations.
  • Ability to both create assessment tools (handle quantitative data), as well as write detailed reports (qualitative assessment) and make recommendations accordingly.
  • Must be able to work in a collaborative team and, at the same time, must be able to create an agenda for oneself, work individually, be a team leader.
  • Excellent organizational, project management, and time management skills. Must be highly detail oriented and comfortable working in an extremely fast-paced environment that is constantly subject to change. Must be able to multitask independently and to be able to meet deadlines, prioritize, and re-prioritize effectively as details shift or crises emerge.



If this link does not work, go to, and search for requisition number 400791580.


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