Arizona State University - Visiting Fellowships for Spring 2008

Arizona State University - Visiting Fellowships for Spring 2008

The Institute for Humanities Research at Arizona State University is pleased to announce its theme for Visiting and ASU Fellows for 2007-08­?The Humanities and Sustainability.? We wish to host two scholars whose projects expand the usual understanding of sustainability as a technological challenge to encompass the long-term thinking, sense of history, attention to language and human creativity, and understanding of cultural and social institutions necessary to create and critique notions of sustainable communities and societies. Such projects might focus on human commitment to developing and using new technologies, rebalancing cherished traditions in light of wide-reaching material and cultural innovation, achieving a difficult consensus on social values, or redefining basic concepts, such as ?civilization? and ?economic growth.? In particular, we seek projects that address: the language, rhetoric, and terminology of sustainability; the impact of sustainable technologies on various racial, ethnic, and gender groups; the relationship of traditional cultures to the values and practices of sustainability; the politics, ethics, and/or art of sustainability; the interaction between human societies and the natural environment, including changing climate; the difficult balance between the values of cultural preservation and of social innovation in the design of sustainable societies; and hidden agendas in the concept of sustainability, especially ideologies of race, gender, and class.
(For a complete list of suggested topics, please see

The Visiting Fellows program enables scholars from other institutions of higher education in the US and abroad to spend spring semester 2008 in residence at the Institute for Humanities Research (IHR) at Arizona State University and to participate in the intellectual life of the IHR and the university community. Fellows will be provided a stipend, up to $20,000 for the spring semester (15 January through 15 May), an office, and support services. The Visiting Fellowship provides the opportunity to conduct research and write and to exchange ideas with internal ASU Faculty Fellows working on the same theme, as well as other faculty, during their term at the IHR. Visiting Fellows will participate in weekly meetings with the working groups of ASU Fellows around the theme of The Humanities and Sustainability and will give public lectures and seminars on their research topics while in residence at ASU. We anticipate hosting two Visiting Fellows during spring 2008.

Application materials and guidelines are also available on the IHR web page. The deadline for Visiting Fellows applications is January 10, 2007.


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