All Star Code Request for Proposals – Summer Intensive Success Skills Instructor

April 23rd, 2014                                                                                

Our Program

All Star Code is an NYC non-profit initiative that prepares highly-motivated minority boys for full-time employment in the technology industry by providing intensive training in computer science, programming and life-skills, as well as professional growth via mentorships and industry exposure.  We are dedicated to closing the opportunity gap between young men of color and the tech industry.


The statistics surrounding minorities in tech are jarring. Only 3% of Silicon Valley workers are black or Latino, and less than 1% of VC-backed startups have an African American on the founding team.  This is a critical sector for job growth and wealth creation.  All Star Code’s program, with the support of the tech community, takes on the explicit and implicit barriers that prevent young men of color from pursuing successful careers in technology—especially startups.  Through collaborative and out-of-the-box approaches to building programs, students develop the creativity, tenacity, and resourcefulness needed to succeed in the innovation economy.

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Our Approach

All Star Code's educational activities are experiential, hands-on, project-based and leadership-focused. Working at All Star Code means having a dual passion for the digital world and for equalizing opportunity for boys of color. We ask our students to do their best, be willing to learn and to have fun. Our small team lives that ethos as well, with a focus on continuous learning, collaboration and, of course, having fun.


All Star Code is supported by a grassroots network of individual supporters and with seed funding from the Reginald Lewis Foundation, Parsons Family Foundation, Betts Foundation, as well as corporate support from companies like Google, Spotify, General Assembly, AOL, and NewsCorp.



Our Need

All Star Code is seeking a Success Skills Instructor in NYC for our 6-week Summer Intensive program for HS boys of color.  The Instructor will design and teach skillfully-crafted soft-skills modules that draw out our students’ own wisdom to help them maximize their personal and professional potentials. The Instructor will coach our young men into mastering new behaviors that lead to greater self-awareness, grit and goal-achievement, as well as successful communication in business or interpersonal relationships.

Our young men are talented, smart and driven.  They are hungry for instruction, and for role models, that deepen their understanding of Computer Science and programming. But they also seek weekly high-quality guidance in developing sophisticated social capital.  All Star Code needs a coaching professional who can train these young men, 1-on-1 and in groups, to develop the needed presentation, networking, communication, etiquette and communication skills to thrive on their career paths.



1.     Independently develop and teach a soft-skills curriculum based on All Star Code’s programmatic goals for student.

2.     Engage students, both individually and in groups, twice weekly in lessons increase their self-awareness, as well as presentation, interpersonal and networking skills.

3.     Collaborate with the Computer Science/Programming Instructor to modify CS instructional activities such that they increase student capacities for grit, goal-setting and leadership, as well as comfort working through ambiguity and adversity.

4.     Create tools (both quantitative and qualitative) to monitor and assess student improvements in skills-acquisition over the course of the summer program.

5.     Create final reports on each student progress, with recommendations for continued individual and group training post-program.


Budget Available

This is paid position, on a part-time consulting basis.  Compensation will be commensurate with experience.  The total budget for this position is $4,000.  However, if an individual is strongly committed to our cause we are also open to logging their compensation as a tax-deductible in-kind donation.                                                     

Projected Timeline

All Star Code’s Summer Intensive program will run from July 7th – August 15th, 2014.  All Star Code will require the chosen instructor to engage in pre-planning sessions that involve instructional goal-setting, curriculum development, lesson planning, assessment creation, and summer programming input.  The role could extend beyond August 2014, based on the quality of instruction and the determined needs of the students post-Summer Intensive.


Role Capabilities

The ideal candidate will have:

1.     A strong belief in All Star Code’s goals and mission

2.     Prior experience teaching or coaching young adults in life-skills for personal, professional and career development

3.     A master's degree (preferred) in education, psychology, sociology, economics, social work, anthropology, or social policy

4.     Certification (preferred) in life-skills training and/or career coaching

5.     Outstanding written and oral communication skills

6.     Problem-solving and project-focused orientation

7.     Strong organizational skills and ability to meet tight deadlines.

8.     Ability to work and communicate with a diverse programmatic and administrative team, as well as external funders and grant-making institutions.

9.     Upbeat, organized, and demonstrated cultural sensitivity.

10.  Startup experience or demonstrated aptitude for operating in a fluid environment with a small team.

11.  Creativity and well-roundedness.


Proposal Checklist

Please include the following items in your response. If you do not have relevant experience across all our needed capabilities, you may choose to respond only to the most salient part of this RFP.  We request that you express honestly where you may need further support. Proposals must be submitted via email to Robert Bonner, Managing Director ( by May 9th, 2014.  Subject Line: ASC Success Skills Instructor.

Brief statement about why you would like to join All Star Code’s mission, including any personal or professional history that is relevant.  This organization is a passion of ours:  it’s needed and the time is right.

1.     An idea of how you would develop the scope, sequence and assessment components of a life-skills instructional program, based on your understanding of All Star Code’s goals.

2.     Your funding requirements.

3.     If you have any personal ties to relevant organizations or individuals that would facilitate your ability to generate am instructional plan and assessments

4.     Three references.

5.     A resume and LinkedIn profile.


We look forward to hearing from you!

All Star Code Team


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