2010 Society for Cinema and Media Studies Conference Los Angeles, CA

The 2010 SCMS Conference will be held March 17-21 in Los Angeles, the historic home of the “Hollywood” film and television industries. In recognition of the increasing international scope of SCMS, the growth of media studies as a discipline world-wide and the planning for both Tokyo (SCMS at 50/Tokyo: Mobilizing the Future/Screening the Past) and Los Angeles (SCMS at 50: Archiving the Future/Mobilizing the Past), the combined theme of the conference will be “Celebrating Fifty Years: Archiving/Screening/Mobilizing the Pasts and Futures of SCMS.”


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Hello HASTAC Community,

I have recently been elected the graduate student representative to the SCMS TV group.

One of my ideas for this position was to organize graduate students to summarize the events of the TV panels and post these summaries (probably on the SCMS Forum) for those that are not able to attend.  I am writing to see if anyt of the HASTAC group will be attending (or would attend) any of the below panels and wouldn’t mind writing a short summary (250 words) of the conversation and arguments presented.  Email me and let me know if you wouldn’t mind participating.


Also let me know if I missed a panel that you think might be germane to the SCMS TV studies group.


If you know anyone that would like to participate please feel free to forward this message.






8am A6 “Television Aesthetics/Television Theory”


Noon C17 “Television, Authorship and the Creative Process”


2pm D12 “TV Wikinomics”


6pm F6 “Transnational Television in Historical Perspective”




8am G6 “Rethinking ‘National’ Television and Its Flows”


10am H16 “Bodies of Evidence in Contemporary Television Series”


Noon I17 “The Survival of Soap Opera”


2pm J3 “Origins of TV Studies” (Workshop)


4pm K16 “Making the Peripheral Central to TV Studies”




8am L6 “Traveling Television”


       L8 “Knowing Television”


       L16 “The More Things Change: TV Writing”


10am M3 “No Boundaries to the Beat”


        M8 The Limits of Television


        M14 “Writing and Publishing the Single Film/Single TV Series”


2pm  N8 “The Sounds of Television”


4pm O8 “The Poetics of Pilots”


        O15 “Publishing Books about Television”




      8am  P8 “Television and the Nation”


               P14 “Television and Comics”


      10am Q13 “New Perspectives on Television History”


                Q14 “Re-Positioning the Set”


                Q16 “Television and Popular Memory”


      Noon R17 “Transmedia Studies”


      2pm S9 “Selling TV”


      4pm T3 “Creative, Professional, Practitioner”




 8am   U3 “Teaching Television in a Post-network Era”


          U14 “Reworking Television Narrative”


10am  V14 “Is it TV?”


Noon   W3 “Constructing Lesbian and Gay Identities in Print, Television, & Online Media”


          W4 “The Contemporary Media Industries”


          W13 “Television Industry Transformations”


2pm    X1 “What Women Want”


          X8 “TV Imaginations”