Young people receive ‘2012 Reporter Medals’ for Olympic Sports Reports


DigitalMe’s award-winning youth sports reporting programme Supporter to Reporter (S2R) is celebrating the London 2012 Games by asking young people to become sports reporters - and rewarding them in an innovative new way.

After motivating young people through sports reporting for five years, S2R is now an official London 2012 Inspire Mark project. To celebrate this incredible summer of sport, S2R have set young people a challenge:

Have a go at sports reporting! Make an Olympic or Paralympic themed sports report and earn your 2012 Reporter Medal.

Each month S2R will also select the best reporters to be featured in the Medal Winners gallery on the S2R network on Radiowaves, the safe social network for schools. The first 500 successful reports will be sent a real shiny '2012 reporter medal'!

S2R are pleased to have awarded their first 100 ‘2012 Reporter Medals’ to students around the UK.  Reporters over 13 years old will receive a ‘digital medal’ (using the new Open Bagdes systemcreated by Mozilla), which can be displayed on the young person’s social networking profiles including Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIN.

The Torch Relay, local hopefuls, community events and country profiles are just a few of the topics young reporters have been covering. S2R are keen to see more young people’s experiences of the Games through text, images, sound and video.

Catmose College have a team of young reporters at their school who often report on local matches, charity events and young sporting hopefuls from their school. So far 9 of their students have been awarded the ‘2012 Reporter Medal’. Anni from Catmose has also been named ‘Radiowaves Reporter of Year’, and told us “Its amazing to be recognised after all the hard work that I have done”.

Beth Smith, Catmose College Librarian, manages the reporter team for her school: “I am really pleased that so many of our reporters have taken the London 2012 games to heart and have written relevant reports and undertaken interviews. Being awarded the Reporter Medals ensures that their work is recognised as they wear their medal with pride and also then upload their electronic badge from Mozilla.”

DigitalMe is hoping many more schools around the UK will engage with the London 2012 Games through sports reporting. Schools can find out more information and get involved by visiting the S2R Network.


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I must say that young people always rules :)


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War awards are amazing items. They weblink us to a period of period of time in record, a nation and a individual. They tell us a lot about that individual, and their lifestyle, while simultaneously not informing us anything at all about them and the lifestyle they lead away from war.