Study on Casualised Academic Labour in Film and Media related disciplines

Study on Casualised Academic Labour in Film and Media related disciplines

Hastac Members we need your help! Please contribute to fill in this survey (link below) whose purpose is to gather some initial information about academic labour. The study is created by graduate students in the Film and Moving Image Studies Program at Concordia University (Montreal) and is intended for both graduate students and academic workers in the Film and Media Studies areas broadly speaking. Our aim is to build a perspective on the organizations that guide and regulate work conditions and compensation for those working in the area of Cinema and Media Studies. We are not doing this just out of idle curiosity! We will be using this and other surveys to create a list of recommendations for establishing bargaining positions, one that we hope the Society for Cinema and Media Studies (SCMS) as well as other major organizations will openly support on behalf of its members and the profession at large. Similar information is already available for organizations such as MLA and NECS, however SCMS - which currently holds one of the largest memberships - has not yet provided such information.

Your help will enable us to identify the types of issues that directly concern our discipline within the academic labour debates of today’s and tomorrow's University. The study starts by asking about the kind(s) of job(s) you have done to get a general idea of who is doing the survey. Then, we ask for some more specific details pertaining to your personal experience as an academic employee. If the questions do not apply to you directly or do not offer the exact option, please use the comments section at the end to help us fill in the blanks.

- This survey is completely anonymous -


Thank you for your collaboration, we believe this is an important and pressing issue that needs to be addressed collectively so please feel free to distribute this message to graduate students in your home institutions.



Also check out our blog on academic labour with links to relevant articles and films, and of course don't hesitate to contact us if you would like to contribute!

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