Special issue BMGN - Low Countries Historical Review on Digital History

Dear friends and colleagues,
Please allow me to point you to the special issue on Digital History of the BMGN - Low Countries Historical Review that was just published. 
With kind regards,
Gerben Zaagsma
Special issue BMGN - Low Countries Historical Review on Digital History
Is the digital revolution causing a complete transformation of historical research? Are new search methods changing the way we do history? The latest issue of the BMGN – Low Countries Historical Review, the leading academic journal for the history of the Low Countries, focuses on Digital History. In this special issue Dutch and Belgian historians reflect on the challenges posed by the digital revolution for their profession. It is available now in open access via www.bmgn-lchr.nl. The printed version will be presented during the first Dutch THATCamp in The Hague on January 14, 2014.
This Digital History issue focuses on the methodological changes brought about by technological developments. It deals with the digitisation of analogue archives and its consequences for historians and the heritage sector, working with big data in huge research projects as well as small-scale digital historical research, the relationship between digital history and public history, the question how historical awareness and history itself changes in the digital age, and other topics. It also features a debate on ‘the end of Humanities 1.0’.
Table of Contents
Articles (guest-edited by Gerben Zaagsma)
- On Digital History (Gerben Zaagsma)
- The Scent of the Digital Archive. Dilemmas with Archive Digitisation (Charles Jeurgens)
- Big Data for Global History. The Transformative Promise of Digital Humanities (Joris van Eijnatten, Toine Pieters and Jaap Verheul)
- Digital Historical Research. Context, Concepts and the Need for Reflection (Hinke Piersma and Kees Ribbens)
- History as Dialogue. On Online Narrativity (Chiel van den Akker)
- Public History in a Digital context. Back to the Future or back to Basics? (Fien Danniau)
Forum (edited by Geert Janssen and Kaat Wils)
- Introduction (Geert Janssen and Kaat Wils)
- A Smell of Higher Honey. e-Humanities Perspectives (Inger Leemans)
- Veins filled with the Diluted Sap of Rationality. A Critical Reply to Rens Bod (Andreas Fickers)
- A Higher Form of Hermeneutics? The Digital Humanities in Political Historiography (Marnix Beyen)
- Who’s Afraid of Patterns? The Particular versus the Universal and the Meaning of Humanities 3.0 (Rens Bod)

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