Registration Open for JCDL 2013 Tutorial "The Europeana Data Model and Collections"

Registration is now open for the JCDL 2013 tutorial "The Europeana Data Model and Collections", Monday, July 22, 9:00-12:00, Indianapolis, Indiana.

This half-day tutorial provides a technical introduction to the Europeana Data Model and explores the role that collections play in adding value to digital libraries by 1) supporting the information seeking activities of system users, 2) allowing users to build and curate their own collections of resources, and 3) supporting administrative management of resources and metadata. Participants will gain a better understanding of conceptual data modeling, structured collection description, and collection metadata. The tutorial will conclude with a discussion of practitioners’ experience with items and collections in a digital library context and next steps for research on collection modeling and usage.

Early bird registration deadline is Monday, May 27.  For more registration details, please see the JCDL 2013 website:

For a complete programme and additional information about the tutorial, please visit

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