New MA program in Humanities Computing

New MA program in Humanities Computing

New MA program in Humanities Computing at the University of Alberta

In today's knowledge economy, people who can combine technological know-how with critical thinking and communication skills are vital to any organization's success.  With an emphasis on interdisciplinary approaches to teaching and project-oriented coursework, the University of Alberta offers an MA degree in Humanities Computing, with the possibility of specializing in a variety of specific disciplines in the humanities, fine arts, and social sciences. We encourage students to explore creative and unique research projects within the context of sophisticated uses of technology, utilizing new computing paradigms for analysis and compilation of research data, while questioning basic tenants of traditional modes of research through technological inquiry and culture.

The Humanities Computing Program integrates computational methods and theories with research and teaching in the Humanities. It addresses the demand for Arts graduates to be able to work either in the realm of humanities research and teaching or in the emerging job markets of information management and content delivery over the internet.

The Humanities Computing Program currently offers a 2-year Master of Arts (MA) degree, which can either be pursued as an individualized program, or paired with a specialization.  We also offer a 3-year MA/MLIS program, which gives you a dual degree in Humanities Computing and Library and Information Studies.  For more information about the individualized, specialized, or joint program with MLIS, please see the program section.

The faculty in Humanities Computing come from diverse backgrounds and maintain teaching and research profiles in a variety of areas, including gaming, digital mapping, digital text analysis and visualization, human-computer interfacing, sound installation, and interactive media.  Course offerings in recent years have included project management, database and xml programming, multimedia, digital mapping, and microprocessor programming. All students, regardless of background, receive experiences using databases and high-level programming environments, as well as working collaboratively in teams on real-world projects.

Located in the vibrant city of Edmonton, Alberta, the Humanities Computing program has built strong connections with the local community through projects such as the Intensity Challenge, a week-long intensive in which students work in teams to take a project from an idea to a completed project, often for local clients.  Other community-oriented projects include the Edmonton chapter of Dorkbot, a community-based forum for presenting interactive art projects to the public, and a recent digital mapping project with the Edmonton Public Library.

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