New Issue: EQPAM Volume 4 No.2 April 2015

New Issue: EQPAM Volume 4 No.2 April 2015

European Quarterly of Political Attitudes and Mentalities (EQPAM) Vol. 4, Issue No. 2, April 2015


Table of Contents:

Zoran Pavlović : "Individual and Country Level Determinants of (Post)Materialist Values in Eastern Europe"  (pp. 1-11)     

Marcus van der Erve:  "Improving Democracy: A Pipe Dream? Benefiting from parallels with the corporate world and ... nature" (pp. 12-24)     

Snežana Stojšin: "Ethnic Diversity of Population in Vojvodina at the Beginning of the 21st Century" (pp. 25-37)    

Gražina Rapolienė and Aurelija Jakubė: "Projects in Academic Institutions: Between Bureaucracy and Post Bureaucracy" (pp. 38-55)   

Jasper Muis: "Populists as Chameleons? An Adaptive Learning Approach to the Rise of Populist Politicians" (pp. 56-74)

Book Review: Andrew C. Gould and Anthony M. Messina, (Eds.), "Europe's Contending Identities: Supranationalism, Ethnoregionalism, Religion, and New Nationalism", Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, (2014)  - Book Review by Saeko Hashimoto  (pp. 75-77)

Book Promotion: Spyridon N. Litsas and Aristotle Tziampiris (Eds.) "The Eastern Mediterranean in Transition. Multipolarity, Politics and Power", Ashgate (April 2015)  (p. 78)


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