NASA's Mars Curiosity Rover Activity to Reward with a Mozilla Open Badge!

Mars Curiosity Rover Activity to Reward with a Digital Badge!

First Official Starlite Digital Badge available During the Landing on August 5th


Artist’s Concept of Curiosity Courtesy NASA/JPL


Winnipeg – 27/07/2012:  When the Curiosity Rover lands on Mars on August 5th, 2012, web surfers will have a chance to earn the first Starlite Digital Badge developed in partnership with NASA. By interacting with a brand-new type of 3D content, visitors will have a chance to join in the excitement by testing out a game that mimics some of the exciting new rover’s capabilities. Try out Curiosity’s ‘ChemCam’ laser, or drill for water. It’s envisioned that this kind of interactive, space-themed content, in conjunction with an official digital badge, will set a precedent for the way we learn and share.


Earlier this year, Khal Shariff, CEO of Project Whitecard, Dr. Meri Cummings of the Center for Educational Technologies at Wheeling Jesuit University, and Dr. Bob Starr of NASA presented to a “Badges for Lifelong Learning” jury at the California Academy of Sciences in competition to develop digital badges for mastering NASA and science content.  This is part of a new Mozilla system that tracks digital “badges” that recognize life’s achievements. By emphasizing advanced interactivity with robotics, science, technology, engineering and math, the team took one of the top prizes and the new Curiosity Rover Challenge Badge will be the first example of this collaboration.


A digital badge is a relatively new idea. It’s an ‘official’ image file, that contains all the hidden information about that achievement and who won it. The badge can then be shared and posted online. Specifically, the Starlite Digital Badges team will “use Mozilla’s new free and open source ‘Open Badges’ software to issue, manage and display digital badges for learning across the Web.”[1]


To see the new Curiosity badge in action on August 4th, please visit:


About Project Whitecard

Project Whitecard ( is a global leader in the development of simulation, training, and educational software. Employing ground-breaking technology and proprietary methods, Project Whitecard has established itself as a world class provider of compelling immersive training systems, using advanced interactive techniques to deliver highly complex learning materials in a new, simplified way. Project Whitecard has established itself as an international leader in the field of immersive learning, virtual training environments and interactive simulations. Project Whitecard is signatory to Space Act Agreements with NASA, according the rights to develop the NASA STEM MMO Game, and a cooperative agreement to develop the Starlite Digital Badges system to incorporate the Mozilla Open Badge Infrastructure and demonstrate scientific achievement. Project Whitecard works directly with Pug Pharm Productions[2] on badge and gameplay-related technologies.

About the Center for Educational Technologies

CET has a 20 year history of curriculum development to create innovative educational activities such as interactive website, videogames, virtual reality experiences and iPad apps. CET has also pioneered the development of online, live educational simulations for Challenger Learning Centers. CET has created educational materials for NASA, NSF, NOAA, NIH, the US Dept. of Education and various private foundations.

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For more information or images, please contact:

Khal Shariff

CEO, Project Whitecard Inc.


Fax: 204-262-6407


Dr. Meri Cummings

Center for Educational Technologies

Wheeling Jesuit University



Dr. Robert Starr

NASA LE&RN Project Manager


Badges at NASA are here: :)

“The car-sized Curiosity rover will land on the Martian surface at approximately 1:31 a.m. EDT on Aug. 6 (10:31 p.m. PDT on Aug. 5).”



For more information on the “ChemCam”


For more information on the DML Badges Competition:


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