InVisible Culture Issue 19: Blind Spots

InVisible Culture Issue 19: Blind Spots



Hi all,

I would to announce the latest issue from a journal I'm involved with, InVisible Culture. In this issue, we chose "blind spots" as our theme to address various "spots" or points of blindness in--among others--arts, politics, technologies, and the actual experiences of non-sighted people. We have a number of peer-reviewed essays, one of them is an article on Google search and the problem of the hyper-visibility of Black women and girls from Safiya Noble who is also a member of HASTAC community; art and exhibition reviews; main page and spread this news to others who might be interested.

Simultaneously with the release of Issue 19, we have posted video records of the main events that occurred during William Kentridge's visit to the University of Rochester in September of this year. During his time here, the renowned South African artist delivered a lecture and spoke at length about his own work in film, visual art, opera, and theater. You can find recordings of these events by visiting our blog.

I hope that you enjoy the new content in our journal!






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