From their site:

Fembot is a collaborative of faculty, graduate students and librarians promoting research on gender, new media and technology. The Fembot community spans North America and Asia and encourages interdisciplinary and international participation.

Fembot aims to seize the means of scholarly production by creating an open access journal, Ada: A Journal of Gender, New Media, and Technology, with a re-envisioned model of peer review and tools for multi-modal publication, community and promotion. Fembot has developed a framework for a two-level review process that includes an open editorial peer review and a community level of review for works in progress.

Valuing both the scholarly works and participation in the community of review, Fembot will provide metrics on article views/downloads and the usefulness of comments. These metrics will be aggregated into a portfolio, which is conducive to forming an incentive to participate in the community and support an argument for value toward promotion. Not solely creating a means for traditional scholarship to appear online, Fembot seeks to redefine what scholarly communication means in a digital environment by transforming the concept of “article” and embracing multi-modal technologies for production and distribution. Built using WordPress and with a commitment to open source, the tools created by Fembot will be shared with the community. Fembot is in its initial phase of development with its first issue of Ada in progress.



The section called Laundry Day is the collective column for " creating and sharing feminist media criticism with a broader audience. Our intent with these columns is to provide short, teachable pieces of feminist media criticism about ongoing controversies and issues." I love the emphasis on 'teachable' - it will help build community beyond the website and take it into the classroom. They're looking for submissions -- I know many of you have them!

And their Professonal Potpourri section already includes Dissertation Prospectuses by other members, including one by Chelsea Bullock called "From Big Shrimpin’ to Big Rich Texas: Laboring Gender in Workplace and Intimate Reality Programming."


This site is full of terrific resources, images, ideas, and community. HASTAC Scholars - check it out!

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