Chronicle of Higher Education blog covers progression of #FutureEd MOOC and movement

Chronicle of Higher Education blog covers progression of #FutureEd MOOC and movement

The inaugural post is now live on the Chronicle of Higher Education FutureEd blog. The post, authored by Cathy Davidson and called When Meta-MOOC Meets Wiki: Transforming Higher Education, describes the "meta-MOOC" FutureEd project and its goals. She says:

"Our method is about learning by doing, learning by connecting, learning by experiencing, teaching, and sharing. In medical school, the classic formulation is “See one. Do one. Teach one.” We extend that triptych to a fourth principle: “Share one.”"

Community and idea sharing are at the heart of FutureEd. We encourage you to follow the Chronicle blog and the activity on HASTAC: See what others have posted, and contribute to three wikis hosted on HASTAC’s #FutureEd portal:  

  • Resources: an international list of books, articles, journals, websites, and more to help provoke and inspiring thinking about the future of higher education
  • Pedagogical Innovations: what do you do new and exciting in your classroom?  Share your new courses, methods, and other pedagogical ininnovations that are transforming your teaching and learning and can help to change higher education and learning more generally
  • Institutional Change: success stories, ideas, and road maps for how to lead innovation and scale change across your institution

FutureEd is measured by its contributors. We're proud to say that more than 70 individuals and institutions, from community colleges to Ivy Leagues, from Michigan to Rwanda, have already signed on. Please join us to shape the future of higher education

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