AIDS Memorial Quilt turns 25!

AIDS Memorial Quilt turns 25!

A message from HASTAC Steering Committee Member Anne Balsamo:

Dear Friends, To honor the 25th anniversary of the creation of the AIDS Memorial Quilt, several events are taking place in Washington DC this summer.

The QUILT 2012 events begin with the display of the Quilt as part of the Smithsonian Folklife Festival from June 27-July 8, 2012.  

Later in July, to coincide with the AIDS XIX International Conference, the Quilt will be laid out on the National Mall for the first time since 1996.   From July 21-July 24, 12,000 Quilt panels will be displayed each day.   

On July 25th, a single panel dedicated to "The Last One" will be displayed.   We are planning a concluding symposium on the History of AIDS and the Cultural Significance of the AIDS Memorial Quilt.

Working with the NAMES Project Foundation, I am coordinating the production of the digital experiences that will be part of the QUILT 2012 events. 

These digital experiences are being created in collaboration with teams from University of Southern California, Brown University, and Microsoft Research.

We are also collaborating with the Digital Studio for the Public Humanities, at the University of Iowa, under the direction of artist Jon Winet, to build a MOBILE WEB APP called AIDS Quilt Touch.  

This mobile web app will enable visitors to SEARCH for a specific NAME on a panel, to CONTRIBUTE comments to a digital guest book, and to LOCATE the display of a specific panel when it is laid out on the National Mall.

We are running a fundraising campaign to raise funds to create this Mobile Web App and to support the efforts to publicize the digital experiences during the QUILT 2012  events.  [Editor's note: As of July 9, this project did not reach its funding goal.]

Please consider contributing to this fundraising campaign.  And please send this email to your friends and colleagues who might also be interested in contributing to this effort.

If you would like more information about The Digital Experiences for QUILT 2012, please contact me directly.

Thank you for your attention to this request, and I look forward to seeing you at this historic event in Washington DC this summer.


Anne Balsamo
Project Coordinator
Digital Experience, QUILT 2012

University of Southern California


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