Internet Labor Radio strengthens global solidarity

Internet Labor Radio strengthens global solidarity

One of the most encouraging developments in the age of digital technology has been the growth of internet-based radio programs and stations.  In terms of finding out what is going on in the rest of the world, internet radio is one of the best sources, partly because listeners can access news reports from a wide variety of sources outside of the mainstream media channels and partly because internet radio often emphasizes the work of independent journalists.  This morning, I came across "RadioLabour," a great site that devotes itself to "Bringing Labour's Voices to the World."  The website features daily 5-minute reports that focuses on events of international importance to the labor movement.  Today's report talked about the breaking general strike in Chile (which involves some 200,000 people who are protesting government cuts).  

I would interested in finding out if HASTAC members follow any other internet-based radio stations/programs.  Which ones do you recommend?  




It's been a few years since I've regularly followed these news sources, but there are a few good ones in the U.S.:

Workers Independent News (Wisconsin):

Workday Minnesota:  (this is text/image, not "radio").

In addition, a number of unions are using Twitter and Facebook effectively--these are especially good for strike/crisis situations like the fight in Wisconsin this past spring.  The AFL-CIO has a big drive to use social media to reach younger workers.

--Toby Higbie



Thanks for the response.  I checked out these links, and it looks like they're still active.  I was especially impressed with Workers Independent News.  There's a nice selection of podcasts, audio, and links.  I also like how the site managers are interested in collaborative media.  Here's a quote:

One of the major steps we're excited to take is to make this website a hosting space for other labor focused content throughout the country. As a reader or listener to WIN we're sure you're aware of the difficulty everyday working have getting their voices heard in the traditional media. During the last decade we've managed to do just that and hope to provide other media organizations focused on issues important to working people with the tools to breach the divide. The result will hopefully be more voices. Thank you for tuning in and we hope you'll sign up and become a Friend of WIN.

I will continue to return to this site to see how its projects develop.