HASTAC Scholars Unconference #HASTAC2015

Our annual HASTAC conference is coming up from May 27-30th at Michigan State University.

On May 27th, the HASTAC Scholars have an unconference for informal workshops, informations sharing and networking! 

If you are coming to this HASTAC Scholars Unconference, please use this forum to briefly talk about what you'd be interested in sharing or learning on that afternoon. You can reply to other Scholars' comments to add your interest to their topic, or add your own at the bottom of the forum. 

Possible ideas include:

  • social media for academics - how to best use Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn or your own website
  • discuss the assignments in the Pedagogy Project, and other pedagogical techniques or assignments
  • data visualization
  • continuation of any of the forum conversations from this year or previous years
  • assessment
  • digital publishing
  • digital arts and media
  • etc
  • ______ -- let us know what YOU are interested in most!


Sign up for the 2015 HASTAC Scholars Unconference at: go.cal.msu.edu/scholarsunconf!


If you want to follow the discussion, check out this brainstorming google doc