Convention protests

I want to open up another space of discussion here about the current protests and police response at the Democratic convention in Denver, and the upcoming Republication convention in the Twin Cities.  First, two photos:

Both images are from this article in the Denver Post, and both were originally taken from reports posted at the Colorado Indymedia Center.

As important as a discussion of participatory learning is, I think an equally important discussion is about how, given that many of us have a keen understanding of the ways in which technology and arts are related to power, we can conceive of resistance to extreme forms of power. What are some of the strategic/tactical tools that involve digital/analog/other technologies? What are ways that we can respond given overwhelming force? One of my projects is called Fluid Nexus, and was partially conceived as an ad-hoc communications tool for protesters. But when one is faced with situations like those portrayed in the images I linked to, what use is the present form of protest? How can we consider other means, other forms, that aren't so easily surrounded, that use our privileged position within academia to address these blatant uses of force? How can we make our work immediately relevant to a variety of people, including those on the so-called "front lines"?

These are questions that motivate me and are certainly part of my broader academic interests, but given the timeliness of the situation, I'd like to see/hear what other people think.

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