Scholar Class 2011 members

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Brown University Library
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University of Illinois,...
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HASTAC & Duke...
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UCSC Literature...
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Syracuse University
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Digital Writing &...
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University of Virginia
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University of Connecticut
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Ohio University
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New York University
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University of...
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University of Michigan-...
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Monmouth College
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Annenberg School for...
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Syracuse University
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University of Washington
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University of Wisconsin-...
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Temple University
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West Virginia University
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Saginaw Valley State...
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University of Southern...
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University of Maryland...
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Colorado State University
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University of Maryland...
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Initiative for Digital...
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UCLA Department of...
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IMMERSe Research Network...
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University of Oregon
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City University London
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Tri-College Digital...
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Chapman University
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GSLIS, University of...
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UC Santa Barbara
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UC Santa Barbara
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University of Pittsburgh
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The University of Alabama
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University of California...
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Occidental College
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University of Wisconsin-...
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Seattle University
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Department of English,...
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Stanford University
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University of California...
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University of Rochester