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Apply by October 15 to join HASTAC Scholars! Selected Scholars will participate for a two-year period, beginning on November 1, 2018, and concluding on October 30, 2020. APPLY HERE!

Do you want to learn more about the HASTAC Scholars program before you apply? Check out our About page.

Ready to get started? Here are a few steps:

  • Identify a possible mentor at your campus:
    • Do you know anyone at your university who has been involved with HASTAC Scholars before? If so—reach out to them! You can also search the HASTAC website.
    • Do you have a favorite mentor? Send this page and the program information to your favorite mentor on your campus. This could be your dissertation advisor, someone who works in a humanities center, a DH institute coordinator or a professor with whom you have enjoyed working. Explain the concept to them and discuss why you’d be interested. Part of this program is helping you create your own local networks!
  • Consider how you want to be involved. Think about what you can contribute to the HASTAC Scholar community and/or your local campus. What do you want to get out of the program? How can you help to create something on your campus or local area?
  • Familiarize yourself with the program overview. If you have specific questions, please reach out to the HASTAC Scholars Director at We love hearing from new people!
  • Talk to your mentor about the fellowship funding. We have an overview of how that works below. The structure is unique for each school and if it is confusing or unclear, just reach out to us! We have often been able to help Scholars find funding on their campus, and if that is not possible, we can also provide a waiver.
  • Finally: apply! Fill out the application form . We will be in touch if we have questions about your application, and the form will email you a receipt to show that it has been submitted as well as a link to change your responses.

HASTAC Scholars Fellowship:

The HASTAC Scholars program hopes that each institution will recognize their HASTAC Scholar with a small fellowship in recognition of their work as interdisciplinary scholars and public scholars on their own campus.

We welcome a variety of ways for institutions to support the student in this program:

  • A $300 fellowship payable to the student, from their home institution
  • A $300 travel or research fellowship (which can be used to reimburse or purchase specific devices or tools, conference travel, or attending the annual HASTAC conference). This could be especially useful for schools and institutions where financial fellowships are more difficult to arrange.
  • Other positions in lieu of this fellowship. Some universities have started to fold the position of being a HASTAC Scholar with another on-campus research or teaching fellowship. This could be especially useful for fellows of various DH programs, students already participating in mentoring programs, or student organizers of conferences. There does not need to be a separate fellowship given on top of that arrangement.
  • We are able to grant waivers if an institution cannot provide support. We do not want the fellowship requirement to exclude any interested students from participating in the network. Please contact us if this is the case.

Notes for Mentors:

Any faculty or staff member at a post-secondary institution may sponsor an undergraduate or graduate student to be a HASTAC Scholar. Doing puts you in the official category of Mentor, and bears the following responsibilities:

  • Register yourself as a user on this website
  • Agree to subsidize each HASTAC Scholar with a $300 fellowship paid by the Mentor's institution.  This is an important aspect of the program that recognizes the Scholar's labor and achievement and helps to support their involvement in the network.
    • NOTE: The payment process is entirely decentralized; the Mentor and the Scholar need to work out their own process. Mentors who cannot provide the fellowship as a payment can also provide the equivalent of $300 with in-kind support. If no funding or in-kind support can be secured, the requirement can be waived; please contact for more information.
  • Check in with your HASTAC Scholar(s) throughout their two-year tenure, suggest material/events to blog about or post on the HASTAC website, and help to promote your HASTAC Scholar within your institution.

We hope you will join us, too—you're invited to blog, comment in the forums, or participate in any other HASTAC activity.


Q: Are previous Scholars eligible again?
A: Yes! Previous Scholars ARE eligible. On the application form, the Scholar must mention their previous HASTAC involvement and how they have participated in previous years.

Q: Does HASTAC administer the fellowships? Does HASTAC supply fellowships to the program?
A: All fellowships are decentralized and provided by the Mentor, the department, or local institution. HASTAC does not process or arrange the payments; all financials are organized between the Scholar and Mentor.

Q: I'm not from the US—can I still apply? How do fellowships work?
A: Absolutely! We have Scholars from many countries, including Canada, UK, Germany & Spain and we welcome you! We are happy to discuss the fellowship process for international students—please contact the HASTAC Scholars Director via the email below.

Q: I'm not a student—can I be a HASTAC Scholar?
A: We are generally keeping the program limited to current students. However, if you have recently graduated and would like to be considered, drop us a line and provide some details. Remember you can absolutely participate on the HASTAC website even if you’re not an official Scholar!

Q: My school isn't listed as a member organization, or none of my professors have been involved with HASTAC before. Can I still join?
A: Absolutely! Some of our mentors and Scholars have been involved with HASTAC before, but many many folks are joining the community or sponsoring a Scholar for the first time. By sponsoring a Scholar, your institution will be linked as a HASTAC organization and you will both become members!

Q: Can HASTAC find a Mentor for me? I don't know anyone involved with HASTAC.
A: So far everyone who has really tried to find a mentor at their institution has succeeded—we are confident that we can find one for you too! Write to your department chair, dean of the graduate school, or other related programs that deal with technology, culture, learning, or new media. If you need some help with wording, send us a note and we can draft an email for you to use. We really want you to join if you're motivated and we're happy to help find the support you need!

Q: Can a Mentor sponsor more than one Scholar?
A: Yes! The only requirement is that the Mentor must still fund the $300 to each Scholar.

Application Process

Applications will be due by October 15, 2018. It requires the following information for both Scholar and Mentor. Please have this information ready before applying:

  1. Name
  2. Pronouns
  3. Title/Year (ex. Associate Professor/4th Year Graduate Student/Senior)
  4. Program/Department
  5. University or institution
  6. E-mail Address (make sure it's the same one you used when registering for HASTAC)
  7. City, state, and country (no full address needed)
  8. Link to HASTAC User profiles (both the Scholar and Mentor)
  9. Keywords of interests—no more than 5 (i.e. game studies, performance studies, pedagogy)
  10. Why are you applying to the program, and what will you bring to HASTAC Scholars? (no more than 750 characters, or approx. 150 words)—you can consider this a biography of sorts, where you should mention research projects and interests (including dissertation if applicable) and their HASTAC-related interests and work.
  11. What would you like to work on this year? What projects would you like to help organize? (i.e. a webinar, twitter chat about a tool/topic, a skillshare or unconference, a meet-up at a major conference)

All applications will be due by October 15, 2018.

If you have any questions, please email the Director of HASTAC Scholars, at

Please share with any interested students, faculty, listservs & departments.

Thank you!