The FutureEd Initiative is an open, worldwide, and user-inspired initiative that assesses the educational legacies we've inherited in order to design new ways of learning for present needs and future aspirations. It is led by those with the most at stake in transforming higher education: students and faculty.

More than 70 courses, workshops, events, and reading groups, in different locations and online, all open to the public, were created by members of the HASTAC alliance on “The History and Future of Higher Education”.   

Below, you will find HASTAC’s collaborative wikis to crowdsource:

  • Resources: contribute to a growing international list of books, articles, journals, websites, and more about the future of higher education
  • Pedagogical Innovations: what new ideas and methods are you using in your classroom? share them here to inspire pedagogical innovations that can help transform higher education today
  • Institutional Changes:  share your own successful models, ideas, and road maps for how to lead innovation and scale change across an institution.

Anyone can contribute a course, event, or resource. To join the movement, you can:

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