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The USC events for 2006-2007 will focus on the topic Interplay. Our investigations are meant to explore the feelings of possibility and transformation that a variety of digital media invoke, from games to music to remix culture to the thriving social networks that so animate many electronic forms and devices. While we want to hold on to the sense of playfulness and utopian desire that digital culture so inspires, we aim to situate this hopeful mode within a larger understanding of the political, historical and cultural forces in which technological forms are always embedded.


Empowering Remix Culture Through Copyright and Technology 

Thu, 07 Jun 2007 14:06:25 -0400


Video Description:
Joi Ito, the Chair of Creative Commons International and founder and CEO of Neoteny, a venture capital firm focused on personal communications and enabling technologies, discusses the intersection of technology and copyright, focusing on specific ideas regarding what we are doing, what we can do and where we expect to go from here.