Toward a New Civic Culture: Smart and Creative Community Building

InCommunity Forum
November 10-11, 2006
National University

In 1997, Dr. Jerry C. Lee established the President's Commission on Community at National University. A major outcome of the Commission was the creation of a University-wide mechanism that would serve as an institutional point of contact to respond, initiate, and facilitate community-based research and community economic development enterprises for public benefit.

In 2001, Chancellor Lee established the National University Community Research Institute (NUCRI) as part of the University's plans for restructuring and its commitment to community. He also appointed Dr. Thomas MacCalla as NUCRI's Executive Director and University Vice President.

Essentially, the new entity was organized to provide an effective collaborative research and demonstration vehicle for scholarship, service, entrepreneurship and professional development. An integral part of this initiative was the creation a University Consultant Corps and the engagement of organizational and institutional partners in the collaborative process of mutually rewarding and sustainable community building.