Electronic Techtonics

This online archive originated in HASTACs first international conference, Electronic Techtonics: Thinking at the Interface, held at Duke University during April 19-21, 2007. Electronic Techtonics was the site of truly unforgettable conversations and encounters that traversed domains, disciplines, and media conversations that explored the fluidity of technology both as interface as well as at the interface.

This electronic version of the conference proceedings is published in conjunction with its paperback counterpart, available for purchase or download from Lulu Press here. Both versions exist as records of the range and depth of conversations that took place at the conference, and the interdisciplinary nature of Electronic Techtonics calls for slight differences between the two versions. First, as the papers presented in the sessions are drawn from a variety of fields and we have not made an effort to homogenize the papers presented in any way, the individual format and style of each author remains in the paperback version. Also, some of the papers in the volume are almost exact records of talks given at the conference, while others are versions that were revised and reworked some time after the conference. The tag crowd browser above lists the sessions and clicks through to those with online content included.

Electronic Techtonics Hightlights Reel

Catherine Angst, HASTAC I film editor
Conference Trailers are also available on Youtube

Finally, this online proceedings contains digital versions of some conference sessions that were not amenable to paper publication. This includes the four keynote speeches (by John Seely Brown, James Boyle, John Unsworth, and Rebecca Allen) as well as panel discussions (for example, panels on Funding the Digital Future and The Future of Learning: Three Perspectives). These sessions can also be accessed using the navigation at the left.

In publishing the proceedings of the HASTAC conference as such (collaboratively across media), we hope to capture some of the innovation, dynamism, and creative urgency that invigorated the three days of the conference itself.