How to participate in FutureEd

An ever-growing list of people and institutions are signing on to be a part of the #FutureEd movement. We invite you to participate as well - either by offering a class, event, website, etc., or by joining in the conversation here on

Here's how to get involved with HASTAC's FutureEd Initiative:

1. Register on HASTAC.

HASTAC is an open network of more than 12,000 people, and registration is free. If you’re not yet a member, create your account. We encourage everyone to include their full name and a brief professional bio - HASTAC is a professional network and operates best when people understand who they're communicating and collaborating with. 

2. Join the #FutureEd group.

Join the #FutureEd group to network with HASTAC #FutureEd alliance members working to transform higher ed. Joining the group lets you share ideas, read others' ideas, and even opt in to receive updates about new content posted to the group. 
To join, click on the orange "Group Actions" button to the right of this text, then select "Join Group." You will be asked to log in if you are not already logged in. 
Get help with HASTAC Groups:

3. Share your knowledge and resources by posting on HASTAC.

There are many ways to share your ideas with the #FutureEd and HASTAC communities, such as:
HASTAC members can post content - blog posts, news announcements, event listings, job opportunities, and more - to the HASTAC community. If you post your content in the #FutureEd group, members can be notified about the new information. 

Get help posting to HASTAC: