Hastac migration - FAQs

In September 2022, HASTAC.org will transition to a new platform and this page is part of our collection about that transition.

We know transitions and website migrations can be kind of confusing, so here are some answers to questions you might have.  if your question isn't answered, please email us at HASTAChelp@gmail.com.


Q: What content is moving to Hastac Commons (HC)?

Nearly everything on the site that was created after 2017 is being migrated to HC.  There’s two important exceptions. 

First, none of the content in private groups will be migrated. That group was created to be private and will remain so. 

Second, any content that you delete will stay deleted. 


Q: How do I delete my content?

Check out https://www.hastac.org/how-delete-content 


Q: What about content created before 2017?  Will it disappear from the internet?

Yes and no!  Content created before 2017 will slowly be migrated to a static site housed in  the Duke University Archives of the David M. Rubenstein Rare Book & Manuscript Library.  If you can’t access the Duke archives, you can also use The Wayback Machine to search for specific content.


Q: I’m a teacher who has put some of my class materials on HASTAC. What happens to it?

If your classes were private groups, they’ll be deleted permanently when we migrate. Any public material posted after 2017 will move to HastacCommons.


Q: What happens to the conversations and content I posted in private groups?

HASTAC takes your privacy seriously.  We won’t migrate any of that content to HC, nor archive it to the offline archive.  In other words - all of that material is permanently deleted.


Q: What if I don’t want that content permanently deleted?

You have a few options! 

1 - If the group is still active (aka, there are posts and activity since 2017), you can check with the members of your group.  If everyone agrees, you can make the group public and it will get migrated.  Make sure you get this done by August 5, 2022.

2 - If you're not the group's admin, or if you just want a few individual things to be migrated, you can repost them as public blog posts.


Q: Will all of the URLs to my content be broken?

If your content is older than 2017, yes - that content does not migrate.

If your content is newer than 2017 and a blog post, then the URLs will still work as redirects - they will redirect to the content's new home on Hastac Commons.


Q: I’m a researcher interested in the offline archive.  Can I download it somewhere?

The way people will request it is through our collection guides or catalog records. The HASTAC collection guide doesn’t have electronic records migrated to a server yet, but when the website is added, it will be listed in this guide. To show you how electronic records are represented, here’s what that looks like for another collection with digital records. If you scroll down the page to “Contents,” you will see that each group is part of a “set,” i.e. RL01262-SET-001. The researcher would request that set number by clicking the green request button and following the prompts, exactly as they would a physical box.



Q: My content is older than 2017, and public, but I'm not sure that I want it in the archive.


That's totally understandable.  Please see our guide for how to delete content