Several videos of the conference are available on uStream

April 25 Welcome and Keynote: Changing Higher Education to Change the World

Welcome and opening remarks:

  • Caitlin Fisher and Maureen Engel on behalf of the HASTAC 2013 organizing committee
  • Lisa Philipps, Associate Vice-President, Research and Innovation, York University
  • Stan Shapson, on behalf of the Social Science and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC)

Keynote talk: "Changing Higher Ed to Change the World:  From Critical Thinking to Creative Contribution.”
Cathy Davidson, Co-founder of HASTAC; Co-Director of the PhD Lab in Digital Knowledge, Ruth F. DeVarney Professor of English, and John Hope Franklin Humanities Institute Professor of Interdisciplinary Studies at Duke University


April 26 Keynote: Technology, Science, and Design: The New Frontiers

Paula Antonelli, Director of Research and Development and Senior Curator of Architecture and Design at the Museum of Modern Art, New York


April 28 plenary session: HASTAC and Humanities in a Digital Age: The View Ten Years Out

HASTAC has been a prominent force in revitalizing Humanities. This panel will reflect on the organization’s key initiatives and trends, along with contributions from the conference and Twitter audience.

  • Fiona Barnett, Duke University: “Creating Student-Led Humanities in the HASTAC Scholars Movement”
  • Simone Browne, University of Texas at Austin: “Transforming Digital Humanities”
  • Jentery Sayers, University of Victoria:”Making Digital Humanities”
  • David Sparks, Duke University: “Diving Deeply into HASTAC’s Big Data”
  • Cathy N. Davidson, Duke University: “Responding Now and in the Future”