HASTAC III: eDream Reception | Tuesday, April 21 @ 8:17AM

No comments on any one specific thing said, but I came away with one thing last night.

I'm from the University if Illinois. There's a joking-but-somewhat-true divide between "North Campus" and the rest of the school. Most of the engineering/computerscience/techie stuff is up here. The rest of the school is, well, not up here. Our buildings are older (I'm in Linguistics), our facilities are less shiny and new and fast and powerful, and a lot of people that I know up here aren't sure of the worth of what goes on down there.

You don't always see, out in front, the people who straddle that divide. I saw that last night. And it's wonderful to see how many there really are here and how the belief that all of these disciplines can coexist, and are richer when they do, is really being embraced