HASTAC III: Continuous Installations | Tuesday, April 21 @ 4:44PM

Guy Garnett
the Logoverse

Okay, so this was strangely captivating. You walk up to a computer and you're this little i-beam icon. You can type a few simple commands in to make your little i-beam tiny, small, regular, or big. You can do a "jump," which sends your i-beam flying up, then down again. You can "\home" and go back to the starting point.

The other thing you can do is type messages and change their colors, shapes, stretch them, squish them, make them enormous, and so on.

Guy had two computers (I think it was two) in Krannert and one (at least) in the NCSA lobby. I played with the one at Kranner last night during the eDream Reception. So you have a couple of other people doing this, too. Or not. At times, I think I was alone.

Common messages seen typed out? Typos. There were a lot of "jump" and "tiny" and "color" words floating around. You needed a backslash before the commands to get them to, well, do the command. If you forgot it (which I did too, of course), your little mistakes were floating all over the screen.

The coolest thing, though, was a sudden floating "anyone there?" coming from a little purple i-beam. I couldn't resist writing "over here." However, that was as far as the conversation went.

Maybe new hor d'oeurves came out at that moment.

John Toenjes
Leonardo's Chimes Interactive

This was a telemersive environment that served as a musical instrument. Cameras projected your image onscreen, where floating white bars surrounded you (well, the "you" on the screen), ringing out as they hit you. This sounds violent, but wasn't. You could reach out and "strike" them, too, if you wanted to drop the passivity from your role in the instrument. A Nintendo Wii was involved: gotta love the Wii.

I don't know much about tuning things. In fact, I know pretty much nothing about tuning things. I do know it sounded really beautiful, though.

JJ Higgins
Voyeurism Installation with Tent

I'm still trying to wrap my head around this one. You have a clear tent. There are either two or three mini TVs in there, playing various things -- not tv TV, but I'm not sure if they were made for this or taken from elsewhere. I'm guessing they were made for this. There was a box of Nilla Wafers (mmm. . .), a number of books, a flickering "fire log" (obviously not actually heated), and other things that conjured up a childhood sort of atmosphere, although not entirely. A lot of the books had things stacked over the titles, but I'm not sure if it was intentional.

I may be overusing the word, but captivating is appropriate here, too. I wanted to root around and uncover stuff, but had that gosh darn tent in the way! I think that's true of voyeurism, too, though: you're peeking in, but it's partially on someone else's terms.

This is not to say that I'm a creepy stalker, although I do love Flickr.