HASTAC III: Community Informatics Panel | Tuesday, April 21 @ 2:43PM

The monitor, Tom Maccalla, brought it straight from the dome. Or so Will said.

Will Patterson
I POWERED-Hip Hop as Information Science

Where does the value of culture come in? When it starts connecting people and moving communities forward. To do that in hip hop, we need honesty, we need people who are actually willing to bring their truth to the stage.

Will just went over about a bazillion ways he's brought this into the Champaign-Urbana area. It's an understatement to say the list and effect these have are impressive. A few of them:

Angel David Nieves
Virtual Heritage in the New South Africa

I was really looking forward to this. Unfortunately, things were behind schedule and I had to leave for work. Boo hiss. I believe materials will be online, though, so if I can find them, I'll link to them.